6 Thoughts Every Woman Has Had at the Gynecologist

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Going to the lady doc is a necessary part of staying on top of your health...but it's not exactly what we'd call fun. Besides the obvious, "Wow, I really don't wanna be here," there are so many things buzzing through our heads on a trip to the torture chamber gynecologist's office. In addition to the stream of consciousness above, here are some of most common thoughts we've had before, during and after getting spread eagle in the name of modern preventative care from Women's Health. We bet you can relate.

1. "This waiting room needs a serious upgrade."

With Parents and Good Housekeeping being the only reading material lying around the ob-gyn's office, it always feels like you've slipped into a time warp. What year is it, and do they realize women can vote now? Also, we're about to strip and have a foreign object placed between our legs; perhaps they could spring for some comfier chairs? And post-appointment lollipops, please—we earned at least one.

2. "I've never felt so cold or vulnerable (except last year when I was here)."

That moment when you're pants-less waiting on the doctor, staring down the straps of the stirrups you're about to prop your feet in? That's real womanhood right there. Also, can they maybe keep the temp at a comfortable 68 to 70 degrees? We're half-naked up in here.

3. "I don't want that thing anywhere near my va-jay-jay."

One look at that IUD applicator will send a shiver up your spine. Getting an eyeful of various other metal and/or plastic instruments while waiting for the doctor to arrive is very, very anxiety-provoking, to say the least.

To read the rest of the thoughts racing through your head during a gyno visit, click here for the original Women's Health article.



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