5 Foods to Fight Morning Sickness

As if growing another human being in your body weren't hard enough on it own, most women also battle the dreaded effects of morning sickness. While every woman is different, there are a few tried and true foods that alleviate morning sickness and help you get off of the floor (praying to your porcelain god), and on your way.

pregnant belly from side

Pretzels: Pretzels help ease morning sickness in the same way that crackers do. The dry & salty flavor soothes your taste buds and your belly. The high content of starch also binds with the excess stomach acid to bring some relief from your morning sickness. You can keep a zip-lock bag filled with pretzels on your nightstand and have a few before you get out of bed or during the night. They also make a great snack, are easy to digest, and are portable to carry around with you to relieve any bouts of nausea during the day.

Multigrain Toast: Toast is a great breakfast option for pregnant women suffering from morning sickness. You can lightly spread one tablespoon of peanut butter for added protein, as peanut butter is said to help relieve nausea as well. Avoid putting any butter on your toast though. Greasy foods and extra oils will exacerbate your morning sickness.

Dairy: Dairy helps ease morning sickness because it neutralizes your stomach acids! A small cup of Greek yogurt, a glass of milk, low fat cottage cheese, or a piece of string cheese makes the perfect snack for when you are feeling queasy. Try eating a few wholegrain crackers with cheese slices or add a bit of cream cheese to a whole wheat bagel. Of course avoid this option if you are lactose intolerant.

Ginger: Ginger is the most popular and widely known remedy for morning sickness and digestive issues in general. You can drink it in the form of a tea or soda, you can suck on it as a hard candy and you can even eat ginger as a gingersnap cookie or in gingerbread. If you cannot stomach the taste of ginger, it also comes in the form of a capsule that can be purchased at your local drug store. Ginger is thought to be a powerful herb and the go-to option for women suffering from morning sickness. Click here for additional ginger options.


Lemon: Lemons are said to help alleviate morning sickness because they have a natural calming effect that eases nausea. Try adding a slice of lemon to your water first thing in the morning. If you prefer your water plain, try sucking on lemon flavored hard candies, such as Lemon Heads, which help to soothe nausea because of their sour taste. Click here for more reasons why you should be adding a little lemon to your diet.