25 Kitchen Tools to Simplify Clean Eating

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Instead of quick fix diets that leave you with superficial results and more hunger pains, embrace the lasting philosophy in health - clean eating. Clean eating is a lifestyle change that really works. To start eating clean you want to eat foods as close to their natural state as possible. The goal is to eliminate processed foods that weigh you down...literally! With any good healthy eating plan, you'll be doing most of your eating at home, meaning you'll have to dust off the old apron and get your cooking game back on point. To simplify your clean eating ways, we've collected a list of 25 products to assist you in the kitchen. These products save time, money, and make clean eating a breeze. When you're first starting out, changing everything to clean eating may be a pretty big adjustment compared to your prior eating habits, so check out our list of baby steps to eat clean!

Coco Drill Coconut Opener Tool: This drill safely opens a coconut for the times fresh coconut water is just what the doctor ordered. We love fresh coconut water for pre-workout hydration or adding coconut water to a smoothie to substitute the juice. Try our delicious tropical smoothie recipe that uses coconut extract.


Iced Fruit Infusion Pitcher: Fruit infused water is the best way to add flavor to your water without the added calories and sugar found in bottled water. The good for you antioxidants from the fruit mix with the water so you get added health benefits and added flavor. Sounds like a win-win!


Honey Pot with Honey and Dipper: With all the benefits of honey, it's good to have some all natural honey on hand! We loving using honey in our face masks, for allergy medicine, and of course mixing it in our tea. We are obsessing over this little honey jar...so cute and doesn't make a sticky mess like the plastic bottles! 

honey-potTea For One: Drinking tea throughout the day is so easy with this personal tea infuser. If loose leaf teas are your thing, this one keeps all the leaves in the infuser without letting any into the tea. Check out our favorite cleansing teas to start your day off right!

tea-for-oneComplete Herb Garden Kit: This herb kit makes growing your own fresh herbs super easy. If you love using fresh herbs, growing your own will save you a lot of money and you'll really enjoy it. You can keep them all year long sitting pretty on your window sill! Hello, green thumb!

Basil Genovese close up shot

Hydracoach Intelligent Water Bottle: Track your daily intake of water with the hydracoach bottle! It is tedious counting the cups of water you drink in a day, so let this bottle do the work for you. You can program it to be completely personalized for your hydration needs. Buy a few for the whole family to take to work and school!

HydraCoach Water Bottle in bluePrepara Oil Mister: When you want to add a little more flavor to meats, pasta, and veggies, make your own infused oils. This mister lightly spritzes oils packed with flavor without over doing it.


Calphalon Gadgets Easy Grip Apple Divider:  An apple a day just might keep the doctor away! Make apple slices for a snack on the go. We like this slicer because of the grip handles that make it easy for little ones to use.

Apple Divider CalphalonGarject Garlic Press: Use this garlic press when your recipe calls for fresh minced garlic! This garlic press chops the pieces even smaller than you could by hand at a fraction of the time! Why wouldn't you love something that makes cooking faster and easier.

Garject Garlic Press in silver & redBaggy Rack: This nifty gadget holds up plastic baggies for a no mess clean up. This handy gem is great to make storing our freezer meals an easier task - no more spills or wasted leftovers.


Nonslip Over-the-Sink Cutting Board: When you're low on counter space, this handy item doubles as a strainer and cutting board. The strainer pops out easily so you can toss your veggies into your recipe with no mess.

cutting board

Electric Peanut Butter Maker: Make your own nut butters easily with this electric peanut butter maker. Homemade nut butters have less sugar and you always know exactly what they're made of! Plus, you get to experiment with different types of nuts to create unique flavors!

nostalgia-electrics-nbm400-electric-peanut-butter-maker-1-500x500Lunch Buddies, Mini Condiment Bottle: Sauces and dressing have a lot of extra calories that you may not be aware of. Use this condiment bottle to control your proportions. Its great to take with you for lunch or to pack for your kids on the go. It just might be your new lunch necessity.

LunchBuddies Condiment Carrier in Lime Green

Cuisinart Turquoise Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor: You would never guess how useful a food processor is until you have one! This mini processor from Cuisinart doesn't take up much space but doesn't lack power. Chop, puree, and grind everything you need to make a fabulous skinny mom approved meal!

Cuisinart Mini-Prep Food Processor in Turquoise

Food Huggers: There is just something depressing about a half used onion going bad in the fridge. It usually happens right when you're making a recipe that calls for it too! Pick up a few of these Food Huggers to increase the shelf life of your veggies. They fit on apples, tomatoes, onion and lots more!

Colorful Food Huggers

Electric Kitchen Scale: When you want accurate portions, estimating sometimes just doesn't cut it. Who else has eyes bigger than their stomach? We do, especially when it's time for dinner. This electric scale takes all the guess work out of measuring proportions, which is an essential for clean eating!

Berghoff Electronic Kitchen Scale

OXO 3-in-1 Avocado SlicerAvocados are a perfect super food, and one of their best perks is their versatility! They are a pain to cut with a regular knife, though, so this slicer is a must have if you're an avocado junkie. It is a three in one splitter, pitter, and slicer!

OXO Avocado Slicer in GreenJuice Press: Fresh squeezed juice is no longer just a mythical item served at fancy restaurants. This juice press will juice all kinds of citrus fruits easily. This one will fit fruits as large as a grapefruit. You can't beat the flavor and health benefits of fresh fruit juice.


Batter Dispenser with Measuring Label: If a messy, overflowing, and burnt muffin tin drives you crazy, this gadget will make pouring batter clean and simple! It's a great tool for measuring the exact amounts you need for any recipe as well.

batter dispenser

Programmable Touchscreen Slow Cooker: Slow cookers are a life saver for busy families. This cooker from crock pot is programmable to automatically shut on and off, keeps your food at the perfect temperature to prevent burning, and has a "keep warm setting" which is a necessity if you're running late. Check out our most popular slow cooker recipes here!

crock potHerb Scissors: A  great way to spice up a recipe is using fresh herbs. If you grow them yourself or buy them from the store, you could definitely use these helpful scissors to finely chop any type of herb.

herb scissors

Water Bottle Ice Trays: These fun ice trays make ice cold water for the gym a breeze. You won't have the challenge of fitting an ice cube into a circle bottle top anymore! Just one of these water bottle ice sticks will cool down your water for hours.

ice cube trayBlue Apple Freshness Balls: Pop one of these freshness balls in your produce drawer in the fridge to prolong the life of your fruits and veggies. This will save you money and the frustration over throwing veggies away.

blu apple

Vegetable Steamer: Steaming vegetables is a great way to cook veggies. Less nutrients are lost while steaming versus other cooking methods. This steamer has a safe grip handle we love that will protect your hands.

veggie steamer


Electric Food Dehydrator: This is such a great appliance for making your own dried fruit and veggies. Dried fruits are a perfect snack for the kiddos to take to school.


Are you an avid clean eater? Do you have other kitchen tools that make clean eating simpler?! We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!