22 Delicious Paleo Desserts

What is Paleo? It's short for the Paleolithic diet, which follows the eating habits of the earliest humans from about 2 million years ago. That means avoiding any food categories that were not available to humans at that time, such as refined sugar, processed grains and processed oils. But that doesn't mean followers of the Paleo diet eat like cave men. In fact, we found 22 delicious desserts to prove just how tasty the Paleo diet can be.

Raw No-Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownie: Raw and grain-, dairy-, and egg-free, this dessert is also Paleo. For all the things that it lacks, it makes up for in taste! (via Living Healthy with Chocolate)

raw no bake chocolate chip cookie dough brownie
(Photo: Living Healthy with Chocolate)

Chocolate Bavarian Cheese Cake: Enjoy the decadence of a chocolate cheesecake with the satisfaction of the Paleo diet! You'll love the flavor AND the ingredients! (via An Aussie with Crohns)

chocolate bavarian cheesecake
(Photo: An Aussie with Crohns)

Blueberry and Blackberry Crumble: Delicious, healthy and refreshing, this dessert can be enjoyed by all! Make it on a normal day or serve it up to guests at a holiday! (via Cupcakes To Crossfit)

blueberry blackberry crumble
(Photo: Cupcakes to Crossfit)

Blueberry Espresso Brownies: These brownies taste like temptations behind the glass at a local cafe, but are made with wholesome, Paleo ingredients that you'll feel great about. (via Civilized Caveman Cooking)

blueberry espresso brownies
(Photo: Civilized Caveman Cooking)

Lemon Pound Cake: When you need something sweet and full of texture, a pound cake is a great choice. This pound cake in particular is especially great because it's Paleo, so you can feel good about what you're putting into your body. (via Civilized Caveman Cooking)

lemon pound cake
(Photo: Civilized Caveman Cooking)

Apple Cider Paleo Donuts: Whether you need a dessert or want to wake up to something sweet, this is the recipe for you! These doughnuts are made with wholesome ingredients and deliver a taste and texture you and the family will love! (via Paleo Spirit)

apple cider paleo donuts
(Photo: Paleo Spirit)

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bon Bons: Make them for a tasty snack or serve them up as a fancy treat at a party! Everyone young and old will love them. (via Paleo Spirit)

chocolate chip cookie dough bon bon
(Photo: Paleo Spirit)

Frozen Blackberry Meringue: This dessert is very out of the ordinary. When you serve it up at your next dinner party, everyone will be so impressed with your beautiful (and seriously tasty) creation, that they won't realize that it's actually a skinny recipe! (via Amazing Paleo)

frozen blackberry meringue

Triple Chocolate Muffin: Need chocolate? You can feel good about indulging in this muffin, whether it be dessert or breakfast! It's got all the chocolatey goodness you need, while still being plant-based Paleo! (via Amazing Paleo)

Triple Chocolate Muffins
(Photo: Amazing Paleo)

Raw Vanilla Bean Cheesecake: Vanilla is a classic, clean and satisfying flavor. This raw cheesecake is a great dessert to serve up when you need something sweet while living the plant-based diet. (via Amazing Paleo)

Vanilla Bean Cheesecake
(Photo: Amazing Paleo)

Almond Butter Truffles: There's nothing better for a quick sweet treat than a truffle! They are rich and delicious and you can pop them in your mouth on the way out the door! Just be sure not to eat the whole batch at once! (via Paleo Cupboard)

almond butter truffles
(Photo: Paleo Cupboard)

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Apple Pie Cupcakes: Enjoy a classic flavor in a new way! These cupcakes will be a treat for the whole family to enjoy and the cinnamon frosting will be a great surprise! (via Paleo Cupboard)

apple pie cupcake
(Photo: Paleo Cupboard)

Almond Coconut Macaroons: A traditional macaroon recipe is almost already Paleo! The only thing you need to change is the huge amounts of sugar. This recipe substitutes it in a delicious way that your whole family will love! (via Paleo Leap)

almond coconut macaroons
(Photo: Paleo Leap)

Sweet and Salty Chocolate Bark: This dessert covers all of the major cravings. Whether you need chocolate, something salty or just a quick sweet snack, this bark it perfect! (va Paleo Leap)

sweet salty chocolate bark
(Photo: Paleo Leap)

Chocolate Avocado Mousse with Walnut Crust: This is a tasty dessert that is great to sit down and enjoy after a long day. It's a pudding-like treat topped with pomegranate seeds for a little extra sweetness! (via Paleo Leap)

chocolate avocado mousse walnut crust
(Photo: Paleo Leap)

Paleo Style Thin Mints: Don't feel left out this Girl Scout Cookie season! You can still enjoy your favorite guilty pleasure with this Paleo version! (via Almost Super Mom)

thin mints
(Photo: Almost Super Mom)

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Chocolate Cupcakes: Classic, that's what these cupcakes are. You'll never know they are Paleo or grain-free because they taste like your delicious tradition chocolate cupcake! These are great for kids with a gluten intolerance! (via Almost Super Mom)

chocolate cupcakes
(Photo: Almost Super Mom)

Mini Cinnamon Pecan Pies: This recipe taste like the pecan pie your grandma used to make, but it's made with wholesome ingredients so you won't feel guilty about your indulgence. (via Mangia)

mini cinnamon pecan pies
(Photo: Mangia)

Sweet Potato Pie with Pecan Crust: For a sweet treat that won't overdo it, try out this Paleo sweet potato pie! It's got just the right amount of sweetness to tide over your cravings and still taste like dessert! (via Ambitious Kitchen)

sweet potato pie
(Photo: Ambitious Kitchen)

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Cranberry Hand Pie: This is a mini pie that you'll want to make again and again. They are fun to make and great for little hands, so share them with your whole family for a healthier dessert! (via Primal Palate)

cranberry hand pie
(Photo: Primal Palate)

Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins: For a fun and easy recipe that you can share with friends and family, check this one out! It's great for those with allergies because it grain-, dairy- and nut-free! (via Primal Palate)

chocolate chip mini muffin
(Photo: Primal Palate)

Angel Food Cake: Light and refreshing, this Paleo-friendly cake is perfect for a sweet tooth! It's fluffy and wonderful. You'll have a hard time not devouring it! (via Primal Palate)

angel food cake
(Photo: Primal Palate)