15 Dinners For 450 Calories Or Less

Counting calories is confusing and tiresome. Why not let us do the work for you? You can get up from the dinner table guilt-free after a serving of one of these delicious, low-calorie meals.

1. Quick Shrimp and Vegetable Stir-Fry | 196 calories: Chinese takeout is no longer needed! We've got a healthy substitute that you'll absolutely love. See how it's made by clicking here.

2. Skillet Cheater Lasagna | 265 calories: We've made lasagna easier and skinnier with this tasty recipe! Get the Italian flavors you love for only 265 calories. To check out this recipe, click here.

Skillet Cheater Lasagna

3. Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole | 323 calories: Let tonight's low-calorie dinner be inspired by the French! We've taken a tasty and delicious meal and made it into a simple, low-cal casserole that the entire family will devour. To see how it's made, click here.

chicken cordon bleu casserole

4. Santa Fe Stuffed Peppers | 268 calories: Feeling a little Tex-Mex tonight? Whip up a batch of these Santa Fe Stuffed Peppers! The ground turkey, tomato, corn, black bean and rice filling is so dense and delicious, you'd never know each pepper comes in at only 268 calories. Check out the recipe here.

Santa Fe Stuffed Peppers

5. Bang Bang Shrimp Pasta | 392 calories: Serve your dinner with a bang and only 392 calories. This is a flavorful pasta dish that's sure to please without killing your diet. Get this fan favorite recipe here.

bangbang shrimp pasta

6. Slow Cooker Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs | 395 calories: For less than 400 calories you can enjoy this delicious, succulent meal. It's easy to make and easy to eat! Just watch out for your kiddo's messy hands. To see how we made it, click here.

slow cooker fall off the bone ribs

7. Skinny Manicotti | 257 calories: A manicotti used to be an indulgent menu item when you went out for Italian. Now it's an indulgent menu item you can serve at home! It has all the flavors you love, but only 257 calories. To see the ingredient list, click here.

Skinny Manicotti

8. Skinny Mexican Tortilla Pizza | 322 calories: For a flavor-packed Mexican-inspired pizza, try this recipe! It's under 400 calories and a sure hit for you and the family. To see the cooking instructions, click here.

Skinny Mexican Pizza

9. Zesty Italian Meatball Wrap | 329 calories: At only 329 calories, this mighty meatball meal is a great option. You'll love the great flavors and hearty meatballs you get for so few calories. Click here to get the recipe.

zesty italian meatball wrap

10. Light and Easy Pasta Primavera | 293 calories: Light and easy? Two words any mom loves. But what if we also told you that it tastes great, is under 300 calories and is totally family-friendly. To make it yourself, click here.


11. Skinny Pork Tacos | 209 calories: It's taco night at your house! Have your family build their own and feel good knowing that you're laying out healthy and wholesome ingredient to create a delicious family meal. Check out the recipe here.


12. Slow Cooker Creamy Potato Soup | 226 calories: For a hearty, creamy and filling soup, you must try this Slow-Cooker Creamy Potato Soup. Potatoes, carrots, onion and cheddar cheese are the stars of the show, all coming together for a delicious texture and taste. To see how the soup is made, click here.

Slow Cooker Creamy Potato Soup

13. Blacked Chicken with Avocado Cream Sauce | 162 calories: This is a low-cal dinner with protein packed chicken, delicious avocados and skinny swaps like Greek yogurt. It's a Skinny Mom Team favorite and soon it'll be yours too! Click here for the recipe.


14. Three-Cheese Penne | 284 calories: This pasta dish has all the cheesy flavors you and the kids love but without all the calories! At only 284 calories in a serving, this recipe will soon be a favorite. Click here for the full ingredient list.

3-cheese penne

15. Cilantro One-Pan Chicken and Rice | 268 calories: A one-pan dish means a whole lot less dishes for you to clean up, and a low-calorie meal means a lot less time you'll need to spend on the treadmill! Get this waist-saving recipe here.

One-Pan Cilantro Lime Chicken and Rice