14 Desserts Under 6 WWP+

While we don't promote a dessert every night of the week, we definitely agree that a sweet tooth craving has to be fulfilled every once in a while to a avoid a complete diet meltdown caused by deprivation. However, there are better ways to go about satisfying that craving besides diving head first in a tub of Ben and Jerry's. For low-fat, low-cal options that don't skimp on flavor, check out these 14 desserts under 6 Weight Watchers Points Plus.

Skinny Raspberry Lemonade Cake: One piece of of this fruity cake is only 207 calories and only 5 WWP+. And we promise, this tasty treat is worth every point! This cake is the perfect dessert to take to any party, and will quickly be a fan-favorite!

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 10.45.23 AM

Skinny Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes: At less than 150 calories for 3 cupcakes, you and your family will love these bite size skinny treats. Using non-fat Greek yogurt in place of oil is the skinny swap used which saves fat, calories, WWP+, and makes the cupcakes super moist.

mini red velvet cupcakes

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries: Indulge your sweet tooth for only 17 calories per strawberry! These pretty little desserts are so cute, so sweet and so tasty. This recipe can be made ahead of time and kept in the refrigerator for a great defense when that sweet tooth attacks!

cheesecake stuffed strawberrys

Strawberry Cool Whip Cookies: Get ready to fall in love with these Strawberry Cool Whip Cookies! These are so easy to make and totally addicting. We can never eat just one, but don’t worry, the serving size counts in three cookies!


Dr. Pepper Fudge Brownies: Make an appointment to include these moist, fluffy brownies on your must-try list. Swapping out the oil in traditional brownie recipes for Diet Dr. Pepper leaves you with an incredibly soft, surprisingly low-fat dessert.

dr pepper fudge brownies

Pink Lemonade Confetti Cupcakes: These are a must-try recipe even at first glance. At only 3 WWP+ and 97 calories, what's not to love about a dessert that feels indulgent but doesn't expand your waistline?! (via Skinnytaste)

pink lemonade confetti cupcakes

Skinny Strawberry Pie: A healthy strawberry pie is a must-have staple during nice weather! The skinny swaps in this recipe don’t sacrifice taste or flavor at all, and we actually think it tastes better than the full fat, high calorie versions. With only 10 minutes of prep time, you’ll be saving yourself time in the kitchen and your guests will be begging for the recipe!


Peanut Butter Cup Blondies: These decadent blondies are only 4 WWP+ and are just as tasty as they are adorable. Do you have a better way to get your chocolate fix on? Didn't think so. (via Eat Yourself Skinny)

healthy peanut butter cup blondies

Very Berry Ice Box Cake: This icebox cake is super festive and super quick to make. It takes about 15 minutes to make and you just pop it in the refrigerator until you're ready to serve. Simple, quick, and delicious? That's our kind of recipe!

very berry ice box cake

Coconut Macaroons: If you're a coconut lover, you have to give these skinny macaroons a try! Only 3 WWP+ each and they're super easy to make and enjoy anytime of year! (via Skinnytaste)

skinny coconut macaroons

Skinny Fudge Brownies: Brownies from scratch aren't as hard as you may think and it's great knowing exactly what's going in your recipe, ingredient by ingredient. Customize your homemade fudge brownies for holidays or special occasions with appropriate-colored M&Ms!


Skinny Key Lime Pie: Key lime pie is a creamy and delicious dessert that is perfect for the summer.  At first glance, this classic desserts appears to be light and healthy, but watch out, as most traditional key lime pie recipes are packed with tons of calories and fat grams. Lucky for you, we have a delicious and easy-to-make healthier key lime pie alternative that will have you guessing if it is the real thing.

Skinny Key Lime Pie


The Best Ever Red Velvet Cake: Applesauce and coffee make this the absolute best ever red velvet cake! Plus, there is ooey gooey cream cheese goodness in every bite! And, really, could these mini-heart-shaped cakes get any cuter?! We smile every time we look at them!

Best Ever Red Velvet Cake plated

Skinny Chocolate Chip Cookies: Every skinny dessert roundup must include a slimmed down chocolate chip cookie, and this one is no exception. What's even better about this particular recipes is that these babies are only 1 WWP+ each. (via Eat Yourself Skinny)

skinny chocolate chip cookies