12 New Girls' Night Ideas Without the Guilt


As the days start to warm up and everything begins to break out of winter hibernation, you and your girls are probably past due for a girls' date. You just have one problem: You want to look smokin' hot in your bathing suit this summer and a fondue night complete with chocolate and calorie-filled cocktails just won't do. Fear not! You don't have to break all the rules to have a great time full of laughter and girl talk with your girlies. Here are some ideas for your next girls' date that won't leave you with a guilt "hangover" tomorrow.

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Host a healthy potluck and recipe swap. Each one of you has that go-to, dynamite recipe that is deliciously healthy and worthy of attention. Tell your friends to put together their favorite healthy dish to share and you can exchange recipes while you catch up and indulge in good food and good company. Click here to discover some kick butt, healthy recipes to share.

Try a new fitness class. Sign up for a fun class you haven't tried yet. Maybe that's hot yoga or Zumba, but consider trying something a little crazier like pole fitness or belly dancing. You would likely never do the class alone, but with your girls, you have all the confidence in the world. You can laugh together and feel ridiculous together and have a little froyo afterwards to recap. Click here for more about information about pole dancing.

group pole dancing

Throw a superfood smoothie bowl party. Gather all the fixin's for a great smoothie and set it up like a buffet. Don't forget the superfoods like chia seeds, maca powder, blueberries and kale. Then have everyone create their own smoothie bowl and enjoy them with your conversation and laughter.

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Sign up for a fun race together. Research fun races like the Color Run or a women-only mud run and obstacle race and sign up for it as a team of unstoppable women. You can use it as motivation to get in shape, but don't be afraid to sign up on a whim. You will all be in it together! Check out these fun races and obstacle courses to try!

Play a game of tennis. You don't have to know a thing about tennis to pretend to play. Put on a little skirt, grab a racquet and spend the evening in laughter-filled, fun competition.

Have a dance competition. Send the kids out the door with Dad and commandeer the Wii or Kinect for an intense dance tournament. Add in the smoothie bowl party listed above to really get things moving. You don't have to go out to get your groove on and you certainly don't need to worry about looking ridiculous when it's just you, your girls and a yummy beverage.

Pick a few healthy cocktails to DIY together. Ask each of your girlfriends to find a "skinny" cocktail they are dying to try and make a trip to the liquor store for supplies. This way, you can treat yourselves to an alcoholic beverage without all the calories. Start here: Lighten Up With 5 Skinny Spring Cocktails.

watermelon cocktail

Do a healthy pizza bar at home. You don't have to give up your favorite meal to keep your bikini body and still have a great night with your girlfriends. Get all your favorite healthy toppings and try an alternative crust, like this cauliflower crust. Load your pizzas with veggies and other superfoods.

Put together a DIY spa night. Bring the relaxation and girl time to the comfort of your home. A healthy lifestyle doesn't stop with fitness and food. Sometimes you need a mental break. The Dating Divas has some great DIY pampering recipes that you can try with your girls while you enjoy your skinny cocktails.

Host an adult-themed party. Save your Tupperware and Mary Kay for another time. For your next girls' night, host a Pure Romance party. Not only will you learn about products that can help spice up yours and your hubby's sex life, but you will also learn about sexual health and how to take advantage of your most intimate moments. You can laugh about the most ridiculous toys and share your embarrassing stories without judgement.

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Go shopping for clothes to revamp your workout. New clothes won't make those extra pounds disappear, but sometimes a fresh new tank top and leggings are just what you need to get excited about your next workout. Pick outfits for each other and model them by striking your best body builder poses. Snap pictures together and let the laughter ensue.


Try a local healthy restaurant. Take a traditional girls' night out idea and add a healthy twist by searching for a restaurant that markets healthy dishes. Don't be tempted to hit the usual hangout because you might be pleasantly surprised and name the healthy eatery your new hot spot.

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