11 Peachy Keen Recipes Under 350 Calories

We love peaches to death, and who doesn't? They're sweet, gushy and so satisfying to munch on, making them one of nature's best candies. You might think of them as a snack, but we're here to prove you wrong! Peaches are incredibly versatile and can be incorporated into any meal of the day, from breakfast to dessert, from salads to salsas. They add a wonderful sweet flavor to any dish, and we encourage you to experiment with them in your cooking. Start with these 11 peachy recipes for any meal of the day and see what you think!


1. Peaches and Cream Smoothie: This velvety smoothie-shake is filled to the brim with the good stuff, like peaches, protein powder and unsweetened almond milk. The creamy texture will satisfy your sugar cravings immediately, while simultaneously keeping you full until lunch! Here's the recipe.

Peaches and Cream smoothie

2. Fat-Burning Cran-Peach Smoothie: Who’s ready for a tasty, fat-burning smoothie? This recipe combines cranberry juice, Greek yogurt, peaches and cucumbers for a 116-calorie smoothie. Check out the recipe here!


>>Want another breakfast idea? Try throwing some peaches on a slice of bread with low-fat cream cheese, then tossing them in the toaster. The final result is so yummy.


3. Peach and Ham Grilled Cheese Sandwich: Do you have a taste for the finer things in life, but don't have the cash or calorie allowance to eat out all the time? This gourmet grilled cheese sandwich will make you feel like you're dining in a high-class bistro, with its exotic flavor and ooey-gooey texture. Here's the recipe!

Peach and Ham Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

4. Tomato and Peach Salad: Head to your local farm stand to grab some fresh tomatoes, then get cooking! Those juicy tomatoes will be the star of this salad, with peaches as a sweet garnish sprinkled throughout, not to mention almonds too! (via My Recipes)

tomato peach salad
(Photo: My Recipes)


5. Grilled Peach and Avocado Salad: If you're getting bored with your regular salads, it's time to give this chicken and peach perfection a try! Packed with protein and healthy fat, this salad is as yummy as it is healthy. Here's the recipe.

grilled chicken peach and avocado salad
(Photo: Gaby What's Cooking)

6. Tomato Peach Salad With Basil: This salad is crazy low-calorie, but crazy delicious too! You'll love the combination of strong flavors. (via Food Network)

tomato peach salad with basil
(Photo: Food Network)

7. Skillet Basil Peach Chicken Breasts: This yummy recipe incorporates peaches with chicken in a delicious combination. The flavors are light but delicious at the same time. (via Skinnytaste)

basil peach chicken breasts
(Photo: Skinny Taste)

>> Need more peachy dinner ideas? Throw your peaches on the grill next time you're having a BBQ!


8. Skinny Peach Crumble: This dish is the perfect dessert for family or friends, plus it's super easy to make and contains less than 145 calories per serving! We loved it so much, we wanted to share this recipe with you.

skinny peach crumble

9. Skinny Beach Berry Cobbler: This mouthwatering dessert won't ruin your diet, but it will ruin you for all other desserts with its heavenly flavor and chewy texture! Find the recipe here.


10. Sugar-Free Peach Parfait: You may think desserts are off the table when you're trying to avoid refined sugars, but you're wrong! This sugar-free dish is the perfect warm weather treat to finish off your day. Check out the recipe here.

peach parfait
(Photo: In Sonnet's Kitchen)


11. Cilantro Peach Salsa: Raw onion, peaches and jalapeños don’t sound like a triple threat, but trust us, they are. This salsa makes an astounding flavor you’ll love snacking on! (via I Am Baker)