10 Ways to Cut 100 Calories From Your Daily Diet

sad woman on a diet eating a small salad

The equation for weight loss success is simple in theory: burn more calories than you consume. However, that can often be easier said than done!  It can be tricky to keep track of every bite you eat and each step you take, but by making these 10 small changes, you can cut some serious calories every single day.

Cut 90 Calories: Swap your snack bag of Sun Chips for 3 oz of air-popped popcorn. We know that you need that afternoon crunch, but you don't need the extra calories. Making this tiny swap will still treat your tastebuds without widening your waistline.

Cut 90 Calories: Swap 1 Hershey's Milk Chocolate bar for 1 package of Milk Chocolate Dreamy Clusters from Skinny Cow. On somedays, ingesting a little chocolate is simply non-negotiable. Whether it's a craving, a treat or a stressed-induced necessity, when a girl needs to have her chocolate, who are we to deny her. By swapping the full-fat Hershey's Chocolate Bar for this Skinny Cow option, you can save yourself 90 calories without sacrificing even an ounce of flavor. Click here to order yours!

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Cut 96 Calories: Drink 12oz of skim milk instead of whole. Milk is a very important part of your daily diet  and shouldn't be eliminated simply to cut calories. However, by replacing whole milk with skim, you can still reap all the benefits of milk without all of the guilt.

Cut 99 Calories: Choose a small bagel instead of a medium.  If running out to the local bagel place is the only option you have in the morning, limit yourself to a smaller size to avoid too much carb-intake.

Cut 106 Calories: Choose fat-free cream cheese instead of full-fat. Now that you've got that small bagel, keep the good choices coming by using 1.5 oz fat-free cream cheese on that bagel instead of regular. It's a great way to dress up your bagel without over doing it!

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Cut 120 Calories: Make it an open-faced sandwich. If you are having the classic ham and cheese, shave off over 100 calories by heating it up and making it open-faced.  You can enjoy that gooey cheese when you eliminate that single slice of bread, saving yourself both carbs and cals!

Cut 98 Calories: Choose grapes over raisins. It's snack time and you are trying to make a healthy choice, but don't grab a handful of raisins!  While there are worse options in the world than these dried up fruits, they have a significant amount of sugar. Instead go for 1.5 oz of grapes.  Eating fresh is always a good option!

Cut 96 Calories: Choose steamed rice over fried. We all know to avoid anything fried and that applies to rice as well! When you're ordering your Chinese, opt for 12 oz of steamed rice instead of the fried.  It'll save you almost 100 calories so you can feel a little less guilty about the take-out indulgence. Just can't imagine life without fried rice? Click here to try our Skinny Chicken Fried recipe for all of the taste with half of the calories!

bowl of steaming hot white rice

Cut 100 Calories: Sprinkle your parmesan instead of slicing it. Sprinkle 1 Tbs of parmesan instead of topping your food with a whole slice.  If you like the extra flavor of cheese on your meal but are trying to watch the calorie intake, opt for a smaller amount.  It's the best of both worlds.


Cut 90 Calories: Eat 2 slices of bacon instead of one pork sausage link.  That's right, you can eat bacon!  Two slices of lean bacon contain almost 100 less calories than a fatty pork sausage link.

So if you thought the only way to cut calories was to cut all of your favorite foods from your diet, you've never been more wrong. Making these little adjustments will make a huge impact on your weekly weigh-ins without ruining your favorite meals.