New 'Power Rangers' Movie and TV Shows in the Works

The Power Rangers are getting a major reboot, with director and producer Jonathan Entwistle [...]

The Power Rangers are getting a major reboot, with director and producer Jonathan Entwistle creating both TV and movie adaptations of the classic superhero franchise for Hasbro's entertainment studio, Entertainment One. The studio announced the ambitious new project on Tuesday, setting the niche fandom ablaze with excitement. Entwistle said: "This is an unbelievable opportunity to deliver new Power Rangers to both new and existing generations of awaiting and adoring fans."

"We'll bring the spirit of analog into the future, harnessing the action and storytelling that made this brand a success," Entwistle went on. I'm looking forward to working with the teams at eOne and Hasbro. Together, we can't wait to share more Power Rangers with the world very soon." The plan is reportedly for Entwistle to direct both TV and movie versions of The Power Rangers within an interconnected fictional universe, like many other big franchises are doing right now.

"Jonathan has an incredible creative vision for this iconic and hugely successful franchise, and is hands down the right architect to join us as we reimagine the television and film worlds of this property," read a statement from eOne executives Nick Meyer and Michael Lombardo. "Across our slate, we are looking forward to working with the most talented storytellers as we take on Hasbro's rich fan-favourite brands and build entertainment universes around them."

Entwistle is coming off of two major Netflix projects — I Am Not Okay With This and The End of The F—ing World. Meanwhile, The Power Rangers are only three years out from their last attempted big-screen reboot in March of 2017. That movie was a commercial and critical flop, but the intellectual property itself remains iconic.
Fans are ecstatic to hear that the rangers are getting another shot so soon after their last adaptation. Many on social media remarked that this mixed-medium approach to the franchise was better suited to its strengths. Some were also hopeful about Entwistle, pointing out other projects in which they admired his work.

"Hopefully they don't ruin this situation, Power Rangers comics have proven how effective their connected universe can be," one fan tweeted. Another added: "I feel like this might head in a decent direction."

There's no word on when these new Power Rangers projects might make their way to fans, and the existing movies and series are spread across various streaming platforms at the time of this writing. The 2017 movie can be rented or purchased on digital stores like Amazon Prime Video, Google Play and iTunes.