WATCH: T-Rex Takes On American Ninja Warrior

An awesome contestant wearing a T-Rex costume made it further on the American Ninja Warrior Atlanta Course than you would ever expect. The notoriously difficult course is near impossible for most, but one contestant took on the challenge in the hilarious blow-up dinosaur outfit and nearly completed it!

The T-Rex showed tremendous agility on the obstacles such as the block run and superior strength on the 'big dipper.' He made it all the way up to the spin cycle where he eventually lost his grip and fell into the pool below. To make the event even more entertaining, the commentators totally played along while the contestant worked his way through the course. They were quite impressed by the abilities of the T-Rex and appreciated he made it so far even with his short arms.

Although he fell on the spin cycle, the T-Rex took on the warped wall at the crowd's request. The T-Rex contestant was unbelievably able to mount the wall in a majestic leap and rthe crowd went berserk.

Kudos to this contestant not only for making it so far on the crazy difficult course, but also for giving us a wildly entertaining performance in the T-Rex costume.

Do you think you could make it that far on the American Ninja Warrior Course in a T-Rex costume?


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