Stephen King Compares Donald Trump To Cthulhu

It's a known fact that Stephen King is not a fan (at all) of Donald Trump. He makes this point very clear on Twitter regulalry. Now, King has tweeted something many of us have probably thought might be true.

There you have it. King has compared Trump to the ultimate evil beast himself. But the funniest part of all of this is that Cthulhu answered in hilarious fashion...

The 'Cthulhu for America' paraody account obviosuly mocks the election, and politics in general, via the personality of the underworld monster, but damn if this isn't a perfect response and dialogue between my favorite writer and my now favorite Twitter account.

Along with King's back and forth with Cthulhu on Twitter, some other handles have expressed this idea as well:

Looks like King might be on to something with Trump secretly being Cthulhu. I mean, the hair? C'mon. That is a 100% a total cover-up.


[H/T Twitter / @StephenKing]