Sons Of Anarchy Spin-Off Leaving Charlie Hunnam Behind?

(Photo: FX)

We know that the Mayan MC-centric spin-off of FX's Sons of Anarchy is getting closer and closer. That's kind of it so far. The big question for fans has been if Jax Teller, played by Charlie Humman will ride again. That answer is still very unclear, but outlook not so good.

See, show runner and creator Kurt Sutter recently came out and said that the show would not cross over with older characters and have it stand on its own mythos. Also, the show is specifically designed to focus on the biker gang subculture from a purely Latino perspective. Adding Jax back in the mix would make that seem counter-productive.

It also depends on the timeframe of which Mayans is set. Obviously if this is in the future, or at least sometime down the road, then obviously Jax can't show up, but if it's running parallel as the same time as Sons was, but from their point of view, it's possible, but Sutter runs the risk of being seen as repetitive. Neither have been confirmed thus far.

Add in also Hunnam's budding movie schedule into the mix as he's filming Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur at the moment, the rumored Pacific Rim sequel, and the already wrapped The Lost City of Z. Sure, movie actors can balance TV time in, but it could look less likelier as time goes on.

What do you fans think? Should Jax have one more ride or should Mayans tread new ground and establish its own mythos without relying on former main characters? Chime in the comments below.


(Via Inquistr)