Sons Of Anarchy: Is Mayans MC Spin-Off A Good Idea?

During its seven season run, from 2008-2014, Sons Of Anarchy became the most popular FX drama in the network's history. Kurt Sutter's motorcyle saga captured audiences all over the country as it told deep and brooding tales of fatherhood, bad decisions, and the outlaw lifestyle.

After the series finale in December 2014, fans have been wondering when Sutter would dive back into the world of SOA. He had mentioned many different options, including a prequel series about Jax Teller's father forming the club. This origin story, tentatively titled The First 9, became the series fans wanted to see most. Many even petitioned for the show once Sons had ended.

Instead of continuing in the SOA universe right away, Sutter took on a couple of passion projects. He penned the script for Jake Gyllenhaal's boxing drama, Southpaw, and ran one season of his medieval drama, The Bastard Executioner. After the latter was cancelled, the creator felt it may be time to head back to Charming.

When FX finally announced the Sons Of Anarchy follow-up, it wasn't at all what fans were expecting. Instead of getting a sequel to Sons Of Anarchy, or a prequel like so many wanted, it was announced that a spin-off would take place. This spin-off series was going to focus on one of the other motorcylce clubs that interacted with the Sons, Mayans MC.

The Mayans were the Latino club in northern California, and they interacted with the Sons more than any other group. In the early seasons, the Mayans were often rivals of Jax and the club, engaging in many life-threatening altercations. By the end of the series, the Sons and Mayans had formed a trusted partnership, and left things on good terms.

This gang was an enormous part of the Sons Of Anarchy storyline, but the spin-off idea had many fans scratching their heads. Instead of sticking with the characters that everyone loves most, the new show will center on a different group. It makes us wonder:

Is Mayans MC A Good Idea?

mayans mc
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This may not be the show some fans asked for, but it's the only Sons series coming out anytime soon. Many fans will watch it, to be sure, but was going after the Latino club the best idea for the spin-off?

Actually, it's a brilliant idea.

The Mayans were an intricate and passionate club, that seemed to have just as many internal struggles as the Sons. These guys had rogue members, botched deals, and rivals, just as the Sons did. The Mayans also had to deal with white supremecy groups down their throats, as well as the intensity of the family dynamic. Family is a big struggle in any MC, but it's even more difficult when you consider how important family is in the Latino community.

Mayans MC is a great way of capturing compelling drama, perhaps even more so than Sons ever was. This also gives FX the chance to tap into a new voice that hasn't been given much attention over the years.

In creating Sons Of Anarchy, Kurt Sutter's goal was to give a voice to the 1% outlaw. That was a new angle, and Mayans MC dives into another forgotten group in television -- the Latino brotherhood.

With such a cry for diversity in film and television today, Sutter and the folks over at FX are taking the opportunity to face that adversity without sacrificing creativity. Instead of forcing diversity into a situation, they already have a solid concept to build around and create something incredible.

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What About The First 9?

Yes, this prequel sounds like a great idea. The only problem is, everyone already knows the outcome. It would be great to see how JT and Clay started the club, and watch as Gemma started shifting her attention toward the latter, but fans already know this story. It begins after the guys come back from Vietnam, and ends with Clay and Gemma killing JT. The meat of the story will surely be compelling, but it's nothing incredibly original.

This doesn't mean The First 9 wouldn't be great at some point, but it would be better served as a film or mini-series. If Sutter had chosen to go back and work on The First 9 now, he would be passing on a ground-breaking opportunity with Mayans MC.

Kurt Sutter has always been about finding real stories, about real people, and making the rest of the world care about them. Making the decision to move forward with Mayans MC shows that he is still all about that mission.

It may not have been your first choice, but Mayans MC is the best choice for the next set of stories in the Sons Of Anarchy universe.


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