Nicki Minaj Reveals Cuddly Instagram Photo With Nas

Could Nicki Minaj and fellow rapper Nas be at the beginning of a budding romance?That's what lots [...]

Could Nicki Minaj and fellow rapper Nas be at the beginning of a budding romance?

That's what lots of fans are asking after they both shared the same pic to their Instagram pages, which shows the two of them cuddling up to each other in a restaurant booth.

Nicki captioned the photo, "Only KINGS recognize QUEENS. @sweetchicklife has the best food 👅 congrats @nas 😜 #NickiMiNAS 🎀"

Taking a cue from his potential new main squeeze, Nas reposted the pic and added, "Straight Outta Queens! #Repost @nickiminaj."

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It's possible that the two New York rappers are simply teaming up for a collaboration, but the level of PDA they're displaying suggests that their relationship is more than just professional.

Minaj and Nas actually teamed up once back in 2012 when he featured on her song, "Right By My Side," and they even kissed in the accompanying music video.

Only KINGS recognize QUEENS. @sweetchicklife has the best food 👅 congrats @nas 😜 #NickiMiNAS 🎀

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He reportedly has a new album coming out later this year, and Nicki also plans for a new record as well but has yet to release any specific details.

She did put out a few tracks last month, which all charted really well and even garnered her a Billboard record.

Beating Aretha Franklin, Nicki now has 76 tracks that have charted on the Billboard Top 100 Hits, which makes her the female record holder for that particular achievement.

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Earlier this year, Nicki split from her long-time boyfriend, Meek Mill, who is also a rapper, after Mill started a beef with Minaj's good friend Drake that didn't paint Mill in a good light with fans.

Nas, on the other hand, has kept his romantic relationships private ever since he went through a messy split in 2010 from his wife Kelis, who is also a performer.

While neither had the best luck dating music industry peers in the past, maybe the second time is the charm.

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