Nate Diaz Hung Out With Snoop Dogg And Things Got Smokey

(Photo: Instagram)

On Sunday night, Nate Diaz and his brother Nick Diaz hung out backstage with the "Gin and Juice" rapper Snoop Dogg before a concert, and it looks like the party was smoking hot.

31-year-old UFC fighter Nate Diaz posted a photo on Snapchat holding what appears to be one of the biggest joints of all time. No word yet as to whether the joint was containing marijuana or if Diaz actually smoked it. However, the image is bit disturbing in light of the fact that he was only recently instated to the UFC after serving an 18 month ban from the sport after testing positive for weed.

Nate shared several pictures on social media from the party backstage. He took several snaps with Snoop and Nick, which he posted on Instagram.

#hardcorecali wit @snoopdogg @representltd #california #100

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The Diaz brothers had traveled 40 miles from Stockton to Concord, California to catch the show that also featured artists Kurrupt and Bay area rapper Berner.

We hope for Nate's sake that it was only a picture for entertainment purposes, and that he did not partake in anything that he shouldn't have that could result in another 18-month ban from fighting.


Do you think it was a good idea for Nate Diaz to be posting pictures on social media holding a large joint?

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