Lost In Space Remake Adds Toby Stephens And Maxwell Jenkins To Cast

Earlier this year, Netflix announced that they had ordered a remake of the classic TV series, Lost In Space, to premiere in 2018.

Showrunner, Zack Estin, and his team have a long road ahead while preparing for the release, and the first order of business will be casting the Robinson family. The original series relied heavily on the performances of the core cast, and on the chemistry created between the characters. If the right actors aren't chosen for these core roles, an ensemble production like this wouldn't last long.

Luckily, it looks like the folks over at Netflix are off to a great start.

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It was announced Tuesday that Toby Stephens and Maxwell Jenkins were added to the cast. Stephens will play the patriarch of the family, John, and Jenkins will be portraying his young son, Will.

Toby Stephens has made waves in televsion over the last couple of years with his starring role on Black Sails. His portrayal of Captain Flint has impressed many producers, and critics, in the industry, and has turned the actor into a very marketable talent. He was also recently featured in the Michael Bay film, 13 Hours.

Maxwell Jenkins may be young, but has also proven himself as a talented thespian. His recurring roles on Sense8 (also on Netflix) and Betrayal have highlighted the young actors strengths, and make him an exciting addition to the Lost In Space cast.


This news comes on the heels of the announcement that Taylor Russell was the first cast member to join the new series. She will be playing Judy Robinson, the oldest daughter of the family.


There are still a few more members of the Robinson family to be cast, and the speed of these first two announcements likely mean the rest aren't far behind.

Source: Deadline