Kate Gosselin Admits The Tabloid Rumors 'Eat Away At Her'

Kate Gosselin has had it with the image the tabloids have created of her. She has been in the public eye since 2007 and admits that the hardest part isn't being on television, but hearing and reading all of the rumors about her and her family.

In a preview for her appearance on The Dr. Oz Show, the reality TV star opens up about how the tabloid rumors not only break her down emotionally but they "eat away at her." She says that the negativity that she feels physically affects her and her well-being.

Gosselin explains that she tends to visualize her emotional and psychological energy. When she does that she sees the negativity and the hate actually eat away at her energy. All of this started after she first appeared on television. Right away the tabloids started to paint a negative image of her, especially in relation to how she parents.

According to the Kate Plus 8 star, the image that the tabloids have painted is not the real her, which just upsets her even more. What's more, that negative image has started to affect her eight children. Recently the tabloids have not only started to talk about Gosselin, but they have also dragged her children into the rumors.

"It's probably the most difficult part because I could sit here and do every talk show and every news show every day for the rest of my life and what's so upsetting is that there's still going to be a percentage of people that still can't tell the true me form the tabloid picture they've created," Gosselin said. "And that angers me and that angers me, even more, when it affects my children and it talks about them."

Despite the negativity directed at her, Gosselin still tries to teach her children to always respond positively to difficult situations. See her entire interview The Doctor Oz Show on Thursday, December 15.

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