Kaley Cuoco Shares Instagram Photos With Karl Cook

It has been a busy two months of breaking the internet for Big Bang Theory star, Kaley Cuoco

Donning Penny's dominatrix outfit wasn't the main focus of the early November episode, but it is what we all remember. She then shared adorable Instagram pics with her bulldog and new boyfriend, Karl Cook, that made everyone mushy. 

The latter formula was put on repeat as she went with this from the People's Choice Award; added a horse to replace her puppy with Karl; back to just the two of them at the Why Him premiere, and back to the cutest dog pics out there.  

As has the pattern gone, it is now time for Karl to return to center stage and the two rang in the new year with a new Instagram photo session. 


🇳🇿incognito 😍

A photo posted by @normancook on

Hilariously showing the sense of humor the two have, they also shared this one!

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