Kacey Musgraves Opens up About Her All Too Relatable Health Condition

Award-winning country artist, Kacey Musgraves is opening up to fans and followers about a health condition many women across the U.S. can relate to.

Taking to Twitter to share her struggles with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, the “Biscuits” singer and songwriter reveals she too has been coming to terms with the condition that the National Institute of Health reports affects more than 8 percent to and 20 percent of reproductive-aged women worldwide.

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In a post shared to Twitter on Thursday, Musgraves wrote, “Going through some not-so-fun endocrine issues. Do any of you ladies out there struggle with PCOS? Tips welcome,” followed by the hashtag, “this sucks.”

As the 28-year-old engaged singer and songwriter discovered, her fans are going through their own issues with PCOS, coming forth with remedies from keto and paleo diets, to supplements, essential oils and massage.

She followed up with a tweet suggesting that perhaps her diet might be the cause for the condition worsening, tweeting, “What’s weird is I hardly EVER eat gluten or dairy…but it’s getting worse somehow!? I could [definitely cut back on alcohol [though], but like….boo.”

According to the NIH, PCOS “is a hormonal issue that causes the ovaries to enlarge with cyst growth.” While it might cause menstrual and skin changes, it also includes symptoms like infertility, insulin resistance, hair loss and depression.

Women with PCOS have problems with their metabolism also, with weight gain also becoming a major concern for many.

Unfortunately for Musgraves, she will have to deal with the worsened symptoms while on tour this summer. Taking to Twitter to express her ironic enthusiasm for the unwelcomed timing, she wrote, “This should be fun to deal with on tour. Woo.”


Since there is no cure and the symptoms are broad, the NIH reports that health care providers may use a variety of treatments, which depend on other health problems and whether you want to get pregnant.

Photo credit: Instagram / @spaceykacey