The Harry Potter Universe Expands With Two New Books on the Way

Harry Potter fans, rejoice!

Two new books from the Harry Potter universe are set to be released this October as part of a British exhibition celebrating the 20th anniversary of the beloved series, E! News reports.

(Photo: Twitter / @hugvvarts)

The British Library's Harry Potter exhibition, "A History of Magic," opens in October and runs through February 2018, and the two books are set to complement the celebration.

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Harry Potter: A History of Magic - The Book of the Exhibition will give readers a closer look at the subjects Harry and friends studied at Hogwarts like Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures, while Harry Potter - A Journey Through a History of Magic details topics that aren't explored quite as much in the series, including alchemy, unicorns and ancient witchcraft.

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Both books are set to be released on October 20 and are currently available for pre-order.


Photo Credit: Twitter / @hugvvarts