Watch: Garth Brooks Stops Performance After He Sees a Bride-To-Be's Message

A fan of Garth Brooks, who also happened to be a future bride, left the singer speechless during his concert in Lafayette, Louisiana, over the weekend. During his encore performance, Brooks saw a sign in the crowd that caught his attention.

Brooks shared a video of the moment on his Facebook page Monday morning. While he was talking with his audience, a bride and her maid of honor, who were seated up close, held up the eye-catching signs.

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The maid of honor's sign read, "U need a restraining order for her," with arrows pointing to the bride-to-be. But, that wasn't what stopped his performance.

Before he starts his song, the woman tells him that she postponed her wedding to come to his concert, which completely shocked the crowd.

He began singing, "She's Every Woman" to the future bride, but when she held up her "You are my hall pass" sign, he couldn't go on. The country superstar doubles over in laughter and changes the song to "That Summer," which is about a young boy's affair with an older lady.

Moments as surprising as this one aren't rare at Brooks' concerts. Earlier this month, the singer gifted a man his guitar during a performance.


Photo Credit: Twitter / @SLOTribune


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