Eddie Alvarez Challenges Conor McGregor To Fight Him At UFC 205

Lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez took to Twitter to put Conor McGregor on blast.

Alvarez made it clear he wants to fight McGregor at UFC 205, issuing a series of threats and challenges.

The rumors surrounding this much-anticipated fight have been swirling for weeks, but right now that's all they are: rumors. A deal has yet to be struck to put the fighters in the Octagon together, although this callout by Alvarez could be an indication that a deal is in the works.

(Photo: Fox Sports)

Alvarez claimed UFC gold for the first time after knocking out former champion Rafael dos Anjos and immediately began calling out the winner of the UFC 202 to be his next fight.

But the question still remains: Will Alvarez face off against McGregor on November 12 in Madison Square Garden? We'll just have to wait and see.


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