Brazzers Releases Their 'Weirdest Search Terms Of 2016' And It Is Cringeworthy

Adult website Brazzers has released the 'Most Bizarre Searches of 2016,' and the there is one [...]

Adult website Brazzers has released the "Most Bizarre Searches of 2016," and the there is one clear conclusion: people are weird. Not that anyone would be surprised to learn that there are some strange people in the United States, but you will be shocked to see what types of porn some Americans are searching for.

Brazzers released an infographic that shared some disturbing statistics. For example, searches for "Pokemon Porn" have been prevalent in the states of Arkansas, Connecticut, and New York. Also in New York, searches for "Star Wars porn" saw a stark increase.

Other thoroughly unsettling data that Brazzers uncovered dealt with the most notable increases in search terms. Searches for "mom and son" increased by 442%. Yes, you read that correctly.

Also, searches for "granny" increased by 95% in the last year.

The 10 states with the most bizarre searches on Brazzers in 2016 were California, Texas, Virginia, Michigan, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

The 5 states with the "least-to-no bizarre searches" included Alaska, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and West Virginia.

Check out the Brazzers infographic below:

brazzers bizarre searches 2016 v91-min-758x2015

What do you think are the most shocking search terms on Brazzers in 2016?

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