Alright, Alright, Alright: Matthew McConaughey Has A Secret YouTube Channel

Oscar winning actor Matthew McConaughey has a secret YouTube channel, and though he is an international star, you couldn't tell by the amount of people who follow him on the video sharing site.

The verified account under his name has been active for a year and has six videos currently on it. When Reddit picked up the story there were only about 8,000 subscribers. According to Independent, that number has climbed to 45,000 subscribers. However, the actor hasn't actually added anything to the channel since fans realized it was there.

Many fans have pointed out that the videos seems to pop up around US holidays and three of the six of them focus on charities and causes that McConaughey supports. They also seem to take place at his home in Austin, Texas. So, we could guess that this is one of his holiday hobbies.

But what does this secret YouTube account really show us?

"Except for the fact he's an amazing actor he's just your average 46-year-old southern dad trying the ViewTube," said one fan.


Yup, this Oscar winning actor is just another every day guy trying to figure out how to share on YouTube. One fan even went as far as to say that he might not be as schooled in technology as others. Either way, this account is certainly something to check out.

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