Willie Nelson: 'I've Been Arrested in Everything I've Owned'

Willie Nelson has been on the wrong side of the law more than once, thanks to his love of smoking marijuana – but he'll be the first to make light of his lengthy rap sheet.

In a clip of an upcoming episode in Season 4 of Rock & Roll Road Trip With Sammy Hagar on AXS TV, the 85-year-old joked about his own criminal history.

"I've been arrested in everything I've owned," joked Nelson to Hagar, adding that if he was arrested in his home state of Texas, "That'll get me a nice cell.

Nelson also joked about being an octogenarian, and people's incessant questions about when he will retire.

"I hear that every day," Nelson said. "They say it all the time. I say, 'This is my last tour. Every time I say, 'Oh, this is the last one.'"

In recent years, Nelson has had some health problems that have required him to cancel or postpone some shows, but the country music icon always maintains a positive attitude, which is what he attributes to his longevity.

"A negative thought will kill you. So if you're even thinking negative you've got to change that first," Nelson told AARP. "It ain't easy, unless you think it's easy. Then you're in trouble. If you wake up knowing that this is going to be a hard day today because you've got work to do, people to talk to, things to do, you'll make it."

Nelson is also notoriously determined, a trait he has unapologetically embraced throughout his entire career.

"I don't really think that my attitude has changed. I don't do what I don't want to do, but if I want to do it, get out of the way because I'm going to do it!" Nelson said. "And I suggest everyone have an attitude similar."

"It wouldn't do any good to tell me anything because I was too stubborn to listen," he continued. "And I knew that. We all go through periods when we feel like we have to follow our gut and do what we feel is right at the time when everybody else might think it's dumb."


Nelson promises a new album, Ride Me Back Home, will be out later this year. He also has several dates scheduled on the calendar over the next few months, including several fairs and festivals. Find a list of all of Nelson's upcoming shows by visiting his website.

Photo Credit: Getty / Steve Jennings