Watch Morgan Evans' New Video, 'Day Drunk,' Featuring Kelsea Ballerini

Morgan Evans has just released the video for his latest single, "Day Drunk." The song is from his upcoming new album.

"I've never been the drinking song guy, but this song came from a real place and is really more about spending a day with your person than it is about just going getting drunk," Evans tells "There's a reason why I love it so much and feel like I can sing it."

The video, shot by Evans, shows the Australian native and his wife, Kelsea Ballerini, enjoying time on a romantic getaway in Hawaii. But the song was originally inspired by Evans' plans to surprise Ballerini for her birthday, except his then-girlfriend had other ideas.

"She had come home from being on the road and I had this elaborate day planned out for the birthday," Evans recounts. "She got home and I was like, 'Oh, are you ready? Let's do all these things.' And she was like, 'Can we just shut the front door and maybe just open a bottle of champagne and start there?' And that's all we did and it ended up being an awesome day."

Evans hasn't revealed the title of his upcoming record, but he does say it's finished, and he's eager to get it in the hands of his fans.

"It's definitely me, probably my life over the last couple years," Evans tells "I've been performing live with a loop pedal set up over the last couple years, and writing everything on an acoustic guitar. So it's a really acoustic guitar driven album. But at the same time, we didn't really hold back on any of the production. There's a few love songs on there, a few songs about moving to the other side of the world. One sad one in particular. There's hopefully a little bit of everything."

Evans included plenty of songs about Ballerini on the project, but one thing the album doesn't include is a song written with his bride, since the two have yet to write together.

"We play music together a lot at home," says Evans. "She'll pick up a guitar and start playing, and I'll play along, or the other way around. But the writing worlds haven't collided. Maybe one day we will and the time will be right. Creativity is something you can't force, so we'll see."


Download "Day Drunk" on iTunes.

Photo Credit: Instgram/morganevansmusic