Watch Luke Bryan's 'Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset' Video

Luke Bryan has released the video for his latest single, "Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset." The song is the third release from his 2017 What Makes You Country album.

In the video, Bryan sings lines like, "Sunrise, sunburn, sunset, repeat / Moonlight, all night, crashing into me / Nothing will ever be easy as you and me / Tangled up with nowhere to be / Just sunrise, sunburn, sunset, repeat," while young adults have fun on the lake. Although Bryan doesn't join in on the fun, his new boat appears in the video, complete with his HFE, "Huntin', Fishin', and Lovin' Every Day" logo.

The American Idol judge is currently crossing the country on his What Makes You Country Tour, which includes several stadium shows. But although Bryan isn't planning on stopping touring, at least in the near future, he does say fans might soon be seeing slightly less of him.

"We knew when I took on Idol that it was going to take up a lot of my offseason time," Bryan reveals to iHeartRadio. "Next year, I'm probably going to trim a few dates off the tour. I just kinda need to settle in that mold of not doing 100 shows a year and scale back a hair."

The married father of two, who is also raising his nephew Til, has learned how to give fans his best, while taking care of himself.

"My main thing is to get a good night's sleep, wake up rested and ready for the next show," he tells the Huffington Post. "I get recharged and make sure I'm ready to put on the best show I can and that my fans are certainly expecting a high-energy show. That's what they pay their money for, and I certainly relish in the opportunity to try to go out there and put on a great show night in and night out."

Most importantly, Bryan hopes fans always want to come back for more, whether on stage or on the Idol set.

"I want people to always leave my concerts going, 'Wow. We didn't realize that he was that polished of a singer. We didn't realize he can play guitar, piano,'" Bryan admits. "I think with American Idol, I want people to understand that I'm country, but just because I was raised country doesn't mean I fall into certain stereotypes and I try to eliminate stereotypes."


Find a list of all of Bryan's upcoming shows at Download "Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset" on iTunes.

Photo Credit: YouTube