Watch Luke Bryan Chop Onions and Answer Questions as He Tries Not to Cry

If you ever wanted to learn more about Luke Bryan while simultaneously watching him chop onions, [...]

If you ever wanted to learn more about Luke Bryan while simultaneously watching him chop onions, Delish has the video for you. Earlier this month, the outlet shared a video of the American Idol judge attempting to chop as many onions as he could in 10 minutes while answering fan questions, declaring at the start of the clip, part of Delish's series "The Chopping Block," that he would do his best not to cry.

Ranging from frivolous to serious, Bryan answered questions including how many cowboy boots he owns (over 30 pairs), his favorite bar in Nashville (his own, because "I love myself and I love seeing my own bar"), his worst job (shoveling rotten peanuts at his dad's peanut mill), and his favorite prank he's played on his wife, Caroline, which he declared to be his recent train horn prank. "When you plan a prank a lot of times, the pranks don't necessarily work," he explained. "But when you do them spontaneously, it just worked. My train horn did the trick and she did escape injury."

The country star shouted out fellow artists Cole Swindell, Runaway June and Caylee Hammack, naming Swindell as his favorite success story to have witnessed and Hammack, who is from a town in Georgia near Bryan's hometown, as an up-and-coming female artist he'd like to work with. Both Hammack and Runaway June will open for Bryan on his Proud to Be Right Here Tour in 2021, where he'll be able to perform his recent hit "One Margarita" for fans for the first time.

"I'm most excited about watching the fans sing 'One Margarita,'" Bryan said of his tour. "I have never gotten to even perform 'One Margarita' for my fans at all." In the vein of his 25th No. 1, the Georgia native also declared that there isn't really a concrete answer when it comes to how many margaritas is too many. "Is it one of these?" he asked, holding up the bowl the onions were in. "Because three of these is too many."

He also opened up about his cooking skills, revealing that the first thing he ever learned to cook was French fries. "When I was 10 years old, I would get home from school and fry Ore-Ida shoestring French fries in peanut oil," he recalled. "Totally a safe behavior for a 10-year-old, don't you think?" Bryan added that he loves to cook and has been in the kitchen plenty during quarantine. "An onion every six days," he declared.

At the end of the video, Bryan was added to the series' leaderboard with five onions chopped behind Tyra Banks with nine and Kristen Bell, who chopped six onions.