Tyler Hubbard's Wife Hayley Offers Practical Advice as Coronavirus Pandemic Continuess

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to cancel events, shut down cities, and force people to stay close to home, Tyler Hubbard's wife, Hayley Hubbard, is offering some practical advice for those who may feel burdened by the temporary restrictions. Hayley, who just returned from Africa with her husband and fellow Florida Georgia Line singer Brian Kelley, along with his wife, Brittney, used a photo of herself with her husband and their oldest daughter, Olivia, to share some words of wisdom.

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"For those that are at home quarantined, that might be feeling a little anxious or fearful, turn off the media, stop googling, and take a few minutes to go outside for some good ol fresh air," she posted. "Maybe go for a walk or a hike. Think of the things you're grateful for. And take some deep breaths."

Hayley, who is expecting her third child with Hubbard, also spoke out about the danger the rhinoceros is in, especially in Africa.

"We're tragically losing one of Africa's most iconic species every 8 hours...or an average of 3 daily due to poaching," Hayley revealed. "It's always such a treat to see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat."

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Hubbard also spoke out about their African vacation, calling it the "trip of a lifetime with lifetime friends."

Florida Georgia Line is just one of several acts in country music, as well as other genres, who have had to cancel their plans due to coronavirus. FGL was scheduled to hit the road in April as the opening act on Kenny Chesney's Chillaxification Tour, which is being delayed until the end of May.

"You can't take risks without really understanding the consequences," Chesney said in a statement. "In times of uncertainty, I won't take chances with those I love. I can't imagine, as much as we love being out there playing for the fans, being able to do that through the worry our nation is experiencing.


"So, while we wait to see how this terrible virus is going to impact our country, I think it's only fair to move these first several dates now," he continued. "We are figuring some of this out as we go, but I know people buy airline tickets, book hotel rooms – and I wanted to try to give everyone as much time to sort that out as possible."

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