Tyler Farr's Tries Something New With Upcoming Album

Tyler Farr is putting the finishing touches on a brand-new album. The record, the follow-up to his 2015 Suffer in Peace, marks the first time Farr's band plays on the entire project.

"I've always been enticed by having my actual band playing on the album," Farr tells PopCulture.com. "It worked well for the Allman Brothers. That was my goal; it's been a goal of mine for a while. I fortunately was blessed with a very good band, and over the years developed a great band – super loyal, super talented."

Sugarland's Kristian Bush produced the new set of tunes, taking the record to an entirely new level for Farr.

"He's a genius," Farr boasts. "He's a sweet guy. He's one of those guys ... Even if you're nice, he's nicer. He's a sweetheart of a guy. He let me explore my freedom, and my artistic-ness, and let me make an album that I wanted to be my own."

Farr's single, "Love by the Moon," which says, "Out here every road runs right off the map / Out here she likes the seats layin' way on back / Out here we count the stars 'til we can't keep track / Ain't got a doubt in good like that," and accompanying upcoming video was inspired by Farr's own surroundings.

"I'm up to about 130 acres," says Farr. "I ain't got a huge house, but when I moved to Nashville all I wanted was a farm, a place to live and some land, and I got that thanks to country music fans buying the stuff. I'm very blessed. And that's what this song is about, just blue collar people working hard and then partying on the weekend, and hopefully making a little love."

Farr is a trained opera singer, but knew early on he would find a home in country music.

"I always loved country music," says Farr. "I was trying to do the moonwalk at a very young age, trying to dance like MC Hammer at a very young age. I did impersonations of people, and I think that's how a lot of artists start out, is just trying to do what the guys on the TV do. And that's what I did. And then about the age of 15, 16, my mom married Dwayne Phillips, who had been playing with George Jones for about 14 years, grew up with George and Tammy Wynette."

It was Farr's early encounter with Jones that convinced him to use his skills for country music instead of opera.

"I went on the road with the Jones Boys and George Jones, and babysat his grandkid," adds Farr. "Seeing George perform made me fall in love with country music, just the stories."

Farr's debut Redneck Crazy album was released in 2013, and the Missouri native says he has a lot more music inside of him besides his upcoming record.

"I just love what I do, and I'll keep doing it until I can't," says Farr. "I take it day by day, step by step. Whatever's supposed to happen I believe will happen. That's the way I live life."

Download "Love by the Moon" on iTunes.


Photo Credit: Instagram/tylerfarr