Donnie Wahlberg Jokes With Wife Jenny McCarthy After She Couldn't Recognize Him on 'The Masked Singer'

On The Masked Singer Wednesday, Cluedle-Doo finally revealed his identity, and he has a tight relationship with one of the guests. Donnie Wahlberg took off his mask, shocking his wife, panelist Jenny McCarthy, who could not recognize his voice. The Blue Bloods star, who married McCarthy in 2014, playfully made fun of McCarthy for not guessing he was the man behind the rooster mask.

After the episode aired, McCarthy and Wahlberg shared a video on her Twitter account, assuring everyone that her husband still loves her, despite the flub. The New Kids on the Block singer was not too upset, since McCarthy first guessed Akon was under the mask. "I love Akon. That's my man," Wahlberg said. "You sounded amazing, by the way. You sounded awesome. I just can't believe it," McCarthy said. "I'm so ashamed."

Wahlberg later retweeted the video with another joke at McCarthy's expense. "Maybe she was told she couldn't guess her hubby anymore since she'd already guessed me 112 times per season for four years," he wrote. In a follow-up tweet, Wahlberg joked that McCarthy was "still embarrassed" she often guessed her husband was on the Masked Singer stage but got it wrong when he was really there.

Later, Fox released a post-episode interview, in which Wahlberg said McCarthy would have been able to guess him if he could move easier in the rooster costume. "She knows how I move my hips and everything I do, and it actually probably helped disguise my moves and gesticulations that you might have picked up on had I not been in the costume," he said, notes TVInsider. "This is gonna take a while to get over. The shame," McCarthy added.


Wahlberg's Cluedle-Doo character was not part of the competition. Instead, he often popped up to give audiences clues to the identity of the celebrities behind the masks. He also gave clues to his own identity before he performed Mark Morrison's "Return of the Mack" during Wednesday's episode.
The celebrity competitor revealed at the end was singer Omarion, who wore the Yeti costume. Piglet, Chameleon, and Black Swan are the three remaining celebrity singers. The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.