Tracy Lawrence Refused to Get Political on Upcoming 'Made in America' Album (Exclusive)

New music is on the way from Tracy Lawrence! The singer will release Made in America, his first studio album of new music in six years, on Aug. 16, on his own Lawrence Music Group record label. Although Lawrence is a seasoned veteran in country music, with more than three decades of experience, Lawrence delved into new territory with his last set of tunes.

"The title track is really the first Americana song that I've ever done," Lawrence told "It's one of the last pieces that was written for the record. I really had another working title in mind for it before I got to that, and when Rick Huckaby and Adam Sanders and I got together, I had this idea. I really wanted to write something that was very positive, very American, very proud to be where you come from, proud of the things that you make, proud of what you do with your hands.

"I wanted it to have that feel to it," he continued. "I didn't want it to be political at all. I wanted it to be really removed from that, just to go back to being proud of being an American. And I think we achieved that."

Lawrence knew early on that "Made in America" was a hit, based on fan reaction.

"We've been opening up the show with this particular track," said the singer. "And it's amazing to see people sing the words back to you the second time the chorus comes around, they're connecting with it so quickly. From top to bottom, it's really a very traditional country record. I was very conscious of not overlapping any of the things that I've done in the past.

"I think you'll find it all very fresh but still very traditional and very much in the parameters," he added. "90% of what you would expect from me, but still fresh at the same time."

Lawrence knows he is fortunate to still be making music after so many years, but the Arkansas native admits he never imagined it any other way.

"I've always seen myself, if I got my foot in the door, as being a lifer in this business," Lawrence revealed. I see myself as being like George [Jones] and like [Merle] Haggard and like [Johnny] Cash and like those guys that did it all the way up to the very end of their life. I can't imagine what my life would be like if I stopped. I still to this day, after 30 years professionally in the business, I still like going and getting on the bus on the weekends. I still like hearing the walk on music when the band fires up. I still like it."


Lawrence just announced he will hit the road with Justin Moore next year on the Late Nights and Longnecks Tour. Find a list of all of Lawrence's upcoming shows and pre-order Made in America at

Photo Credit: Getty images / Rich Fury