Tim McGraw Talks Quarantine Date Nights With Faith Hill

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill share three daughters, but with all of them currently living elsewhere, the superstar couple is able to enjoy date nights at home whenever they want. "Our date nights are usually the same," McGraw recently told Taste of Country Nights. "Dinner and pile up on the couch and watch a movie or a series. We're pretty simple. We don't go out very often. Even before all this we didn't go out very often."

The couple's oldest daughter, Gracie, lives in California, their second-oldest daughter, Maggie, was at home with them in Tennessee for six weeks before leaving and their youngest daughter, 18-year-old Audrey, is temporarily staying on their farm. "Having four women in the house, I don't have much say so over anything," McGraw joked. "But that's good. Here's what I know: I know in my old age I'll be well taken care of." Along with date nights, the alone time has given McGraw plenty of space to deliver virtual performances of his new single, "I Called Mama," which will appear on his upcoming album, reportedly titled Here on Earth and due in September. "

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There's a lot of little vignettes of everyday life and people's lives and how life works and the world works," he said of the project. "People are gonna get a lot of great songs and a lot of great stories out of it." The Louisiana native added in a recent call with reporters that his wife and daughters were instrumental in selecting the first single, which was written by Lance Miller, Marv Green and Jimmy Yeary. "She was like a hand that weighed in big time on the song," McGraw said of his wife, via The Boot. "And so, when she puts her hand on something... it's hard to not to not listen to her for sure."

"I wanted Faith to hear it, but... I wanted to sing it to her. I said, 'I want you to hear this song.' So I sat down at the kitchen table and started singing it, and I couldn't get through it," he recalled. "I got to the chorus, and every time I tried to get to the chorus, I would fall apart on it. She would start crying because I was crying." The singer shared that while the song makes him think of his own mom, Betty Trimble, he also connects it to Hill and their daughters. "I feel, as a dad, so fortunate that they could look at her, look to her, as a guidepost for their lives and as women," he said. "She's just a special lady,"