Watch Tim McGraw's Intense Workout With His Band and Crew

Not only does Tim McGraw make exercise a high priority, but he makes sure his band and crew join him for his intense workout. The singer recently revealed what he does for at least part of his strength training, explaining why he makes sure there is time scheduled for exercise every day, and the benefits it provides beyond just the physical.

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"That's just a part of our whole routine," McGraw said in a video shared on social media. "Plus, it's not just the working out. Yeah, we like to workout, and it's fun for us, and it's healthy and makes our show better. Everybody really feels like we perform better and play better. More than anything, it's a real camaraderie between us. We really build a team spirit when we're doing it. And we get a lot of talking done when we're working out.

"We get a lot of talking done about the show, things that we did wrong the night before, things that we might want to try the next night –– maybe some lighting ideas, or segue ideas or positioning ideas," he added. "Just different stuff that really helps us talk out the show. And then we work out some of our anxieties. When they're mad at me, I can tell."

McGraw previously revealed he hoped to work out with Ingrid Andress, while she serves as his opening act on the upcoming Here on Earth Tour.

"I think Ingrid is an athlete, which is pretty cool, 'cause I come from an athletic family," McGraw said. "I hear she's a pretty mean volleyball player. She might have to hit the Crossfit with us. We're all old guys, so she might make us feel ashamed when she goes out there and kicks our butt."


McGraw will also be joined by Midland on his Here on Earth Tour, with Luke Combs joining him for his two stadium shows. The Louisiana native just announced he was returning to his former label home, Big Machine, to release his upcoming new album. Although an official title or release date has yet to be announced, McGraw already dropped "Neon Church" and "Thought About You" from the project.

Photo Credit: Getty / James Gourley