Tim McGraw Explains Why Music Always Comes First

Tim McGraw recently revealed he is still actively looking for acting roles, but he says music will [...]

Tim McGraw recently revealed he is still actively looking for acting roles, but he says music will always come first.

"Music always makes the choice," McGraw said on the Ty, Kelly and Chuck show. "I'm always looking for songs, and trying to think about how I'm going to record them, but that always comes first. Music is always – a, if you get a script that you like, and b, if you have time to do it in the time that they're shooting, because they're not shooting around your schedule. And thirdly, they've got to want you."

The 51-year-old might have a harder time balancing both music and acting, but concedes that he doesn't always get every role that holds his interest.

"It's not like every script I read they want me," McGraw noted. "They might want somebody else, and I've got to convince them. All of those things have to ...it's mostly time as much as anything."

McGraw admits he would do almost anything to get a role – except gain weight.

"I don't think I could make myself," the singer acknowledged. "It would probably have to be something that I could completely not say not to. A few years ago I got offered to play Elvis in the '70s, and I had to gain about 30 pounds. to do it, and I just couldn't bring myself to do it."

The Louisiana native has said he has a few acting roles in the works, although he can't share any details quite yet.

"There are some things kicking around," he told Taste of Country Nights. "It's just finding time ... more after the first of the year, some stuff coming up."

One thing McGraw is certain about is his two new songs: his current single, "Neon Church" and the bonus track, "Thought About You."

"I think when you hear an opening line like 'I need Jesus or I need whiskey,' that's one of the great opening lines of all times of a country song, and I fell in love with that," McGraw said of "Neon Church." "And then every lyric that comes after that is so well-placed. Nothing's out of place with that lyric. We wanted to go in and cut a record that had a little bit of a Journey/Prince vibe that's leading more modern at the same time. So we wanted these really big Prince-sounding guitars on it."

Both songs are available for download on iTunes.

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Andrew Toth