Tim McGraw to Release 'Thought About You' as Next Single

Tim McGraw is set to release "Thought About You," from his upcoming new album as his next single. McGraw chose the pensive song, which follows "Neon Church," in part because it reminded him of his upbringing.

"'Thought About You' just makes me think about where I grew up, and the small town that I grew up in," McGraw said. "And also, it sort of makes you put together the bibliography of your life in your mind, and the photo album of your life in your mind. And it also leaves it open to where you're gonna go in the future."

"There's a bit of remembrance in it," he continued. "There's also a bit of foresight in it as well. And those songs are hard to find, when they can strike you emotionally in that way."

The Louisiana native liked not only the song lyrics, but also the feel of the tune, which is why he was instantly drawn to it.

"Another thing about this song is it's really hard-charging when it gets to the choruses," McGraw acknowledged. "And it's just really anthemic, and sounds like a big uptempo song live. But to have a lyric that's so poignant, with an uptempo song is pretty rare to find."

"Thought About You" was written by hit songwriting duo, The Warren Brothers, but McGraw hints there are several more songs after "Thought About You" that he is also eager for his fans to hear.

"I think every song paints a picture and has a vignette that tells a story," McGraw told Taste of Country. "It sounds so cliché because you say it every time you make a record but this thing I think is sonically and lyrically and the vistas that it creates musically are just something special."

McGraw hasn't revealed many details about his next album, but after initially sharing both "Thought About You" and "Neon Church" with his fans last fall, he did hint they were indicative of his next record.

"I really felt that both these songs were ready to be heard and will absolutely give a sense of where I'm going with my next project," McGraw explained. "They're meaningful to me and show the diversity of what I've been working on musically."

McGraw will perform "Thought About You" when he takes the stage on Sunday, Feb. 2, to headline the NFL Tailgate Party pre-show, The Super Bowl Today, at the Super Bowl LIII. His show will kick off at 6:30 p.m. ET on CBS.


"Thought About You" will officially be released to radio on Feb. 4. Download the single on iTunes.

Photo Credit: Getty / Ethan Miller