Tim McGraw Doesn't Cook on Thanksgiving

Tim McGraw knows his way around the kitchen, but on Thanksgiving, he leaves the cooking to wife Faith Hill. Speaking to his record label, McGraw discussed his family's Thanksgiving traditions, sharing a few of his favorite dishes that are likely present on tables across America.

"For Thanksgiving, I don't cook. Faith does all the cooking for Thanksgiving. We have to have turkey, we have to have our stuffing and we have to have cornbread and peas, of course." While Hill takes over the kitchen on Thanksgiving, McGraw has been doing more cooking than normal this year because of the fact that he has been off the road and at home with his family due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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"I crave stuff all the time. I love a great cheeseburger," the singer recently told his record label. "I mean, I'm a cheeseburger fanatic, but now it's more turkey burgers than a real cheeseburger every now and then." McGraw added, "Faith makes great fried chicken, so we've had fried chicken quite a few times and I make the mashed potatoes. We've had fried chicken and mashed potatoes quite a few times, and she makes the best-roasted chicken that you can possibly imagine. And I make a pretty dang good country fried steak."

McGraw and Hill have been home with their youngest daughter, 18-year-old Audrey, whose older sisters, Gracie and Maggie, had both returned to California after a few weeks in Nashville. During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in September, McGraw shared that Audrey was "really tired" of her parents after months at home together.

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"Everything shut down in March, and she's been stuck with us since March. We've done maybe three, four trips cross country," he shared. "She's spent three trips with us, about 16-hour a day drives, listening to my music and listening to dad jokes. She's really over us."


"My wife's been over me for about 20 years," McGraw joked, "but my youngest kid's really over me. It's terrible!"

He added to Entertainment Tonight that spending time at home isn't a big change for him and Hill. "Faith and I spend 90 percent of our time together. We're sort of homebodies. We don't get out much and we always cook at home. We don't eat out much," he said. "We're always around the house, so we spend a lot of time together anyway. But this has been really good. We enjoy just cuddling up and watching movies, TV series."