Tim McGraw and Faith Hill at Center of Breakup Rumors, But Here's the Truth

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have been at the center of split rumors as of late. But, what's really going on between the two country singers? According to Gossip Cop, InTouch Weekly previously ran a story that purported that McGraw and Hill, who have been married for over two decades, were parting ways. Although, that wasn't exactly the case.

InTouch Weekly, as reported by Gossip Cop, shared a story last March about McGraw and Hill's split alongside the word "dumped." However, the title was a bit misleading, as the situation actually had to do with him leaving his label, Sony Music. While McGraw was reportedly leaving the label, Hill was still under contract with the organization. This led to the publication writing that McGraw and Hill had effectively split, even though their split simply had to do with their differing career paths.

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"Tim pulled a shocking move, he'd been signed with Faith and they released their last album together. They wanted to headline another tour together and return to their Las Vegas residency as a team, something they felt kept them close for many years," a source told InTouch Weekly at the time. The insider also claimed, "Her career has been connected to his for so long that this leaves her in the dust." The publication alleged that this career move put a strain on the couple's marriage, as they alleged that the two were "taking a break." The source also said, "It's as if he dumped her."

InTouch Weekly also reported that the time that McGraw was planning on doing a solo concert tour. This reportedly also led to problems for the country couple, with the source claiming that Hill still had issues when it came to trusting her husband while he's away on tour. They claimed that she was concerned due to McGraw's past drinking and partying. The insider said, "She played the devoted wife, but she would be fuming at home. Many nasty emails and texts went back and forth between them. Some of the emails even leaked."


Gossip Cop debunked allegations that McGraw and Hill were headed for a $200 million divorce in light of this report. They did note that McGraw left the Sony Music label, but it doesn't appear as though it has directly led to any issues between him and Hill. Additionally, the outlet noted that the Globe reported that Hill and McGraw were living separate lives as of March 2020, around when the split news was first rumored. They debunked that allegation, as well.