Thomas Rhett Teases New Song 'Where We Grew Up'

Thomas Rhett spent most of his 2020 working on new music, and the singer shared some of his efforts with fans earlier this week, posting a sneak peek of a new song titled "Where We Grew Up." The 30-year-old used TikTok to post the chorus of the song, which is a classically Rhett track celebrating growing up in the country.

"Home country music, baseball diamonds, finding us a fishing hole / Them Sunday morning sermons, tailgate learning, sipping' something cold," he sang. "They born and raised us on faith, hope and love / And they dang sure, and I'm dang sure proud of where we grew up."


Little teaser

♬ original sound - Thomas Rhett

In 2020, Rhett posted a number of videos of himself performing new music acoustically before officially releasing "What's Your Country Song?" as the first single from his next project, due out this year. In June, he told his record label that he had already written between 35 and 40 songs during quarantine.

"I mean it's been 60 something days, I'd probably say I've written 35 to 40 songs," he estimated. "I just feel like any kind of change in life can spark a new idea, and especially the same for your co-writers, because they're going through the same stuff too. So, there's definitely no shortage of ideas during this time and I do feel very creative."

Joining TikTok in November has given Rhett another outlet to share music with his fans, including this video of the father of three singing to his youngest daughter, Lennon Love.

@thomasrhett ♬ original sound - Thomas Rhett

While he's set to release new music and return to the road this year after his Center Point Road Tour was postponed due to the pandemic, Rhett is hoping to permanently adjust his lifestyle after 2020 taught him to slow down. "You know, 2020 has definitely been hard in many ways, especially for a lot of different families who have either lost work or people that have been on the front lines working in hospitals, or teachers trying to teach 3-year-olds how to learn their letters and their numbers," he told his label. "But for us, I think 2020 has had several silver linings, and for me, I think I was going at such a rapid pace that 2020 definitely forced me to slow down. And so I hope I can take that mindset back into 2021."