Thomas Rhett Celebrates Father's Day Early With New Song 'Things Dads Do'

Thomas Rhett is ready for Father's Day, teaming up with his own dad, Rhett Akins, for the new song "Things Dads Do." Written by Rhett and Akins with Matt Dragstrem and Chase McGill, the track is a poignant reflection on dad life, listing some things dads do, like embarrassing their kids with photos and helping them through their first broken heart.

"Things dads do / He'll act like he does when he don't have a clue / And I know it seems like he's flying by the seat of his out-of-style jeans / You'll get embarrassed when he ruins your cool / When he pulls out his camera on your first day of school / And that's just a few things dads do." Rhett and Akins first performed "Things Dads Do" on stage at the Grand Ole Opry over the weekend. "We all have those moments as adults when we recognize ourselves doing things that our parents did our entire lives and finally start to understand," Rhett wrote on Instagram after the song was released. "This one is for the dads and is out now."

The father-son duo has penned a number of tracks together through the years, but Rhett shared in a statement that "Things Dads Do" is his "favorite song I've gotten to write with my dad. "I've learned so many life lessons from him, and it's pretty wild to see so much of him in myself now that I'm a dad," he said. "It felt like we should go ahead to release it for all of y'all who have been asking since we wrote it and to celebrate all the dads out there!"

Rhett is a soon-to-be father of four, and his ideal Father's Day celebration is just spending time with his daughters, 5-year-old Willa Gray, 3-year-old Ada James and 1-year-old Lennon Love.


"I think on Father's Day, all I want to do is literally just go to the farm with my kids and ride around on a four-wheeler, walk through the corn – they love to walk through the corn maze and get to take little corn stalks off of it and try to eat it," the 31-year-old told his record label. "I love getting to build a fire with them. I love when they want to sit down and watch, like my favorite Disney movie, like one of the classics. Because they're all into the new stuff, and I just want to sit down and watch Robin Hood or Aladdin. It's the one day of the year that we get to do what I want to do, but I love getting to do it with them."