'The Voice': Emily Ann Roberts Releases New EP, 'Someday Dream,' Four Years After Time on TV Show (Exclusive)

Emily Ann Roberts became a household name after appearing on Season 9 of The Voice in 2015, where [...]

Emily Ann Roberts became a household name after appearing on Season 9 of The Voice in 2015, where she became a runner-up on Blake Shelton's team. Since then, Roberts, who was only 15 years old when she appeared on the reality TV talent show, has been honing her craft as both a songwriter and a singer, culminating in the release of her latest EP, Someday Dream, which includes the song, "God Must Have Told You To."

"It was written by Dee Briggs, Julie Forester, and Brittany Taylor," Roberts told PopCulture.com of the tune. "This is actually the only song on my EP that I'm not a writer on. I heard it a couple years back, and it just stopped me in my tracks, because I am in such a precious relationship. I have a really sweet boyfriend, and he's been with me since before The Voice and all throughout that process, and then this whole crazy journey since The Voice.

"Just the way that he goes with the flow, and just has adapted to this new normal that we both live now, it's like God must have told him to. Seriously," she continued. "And there's so many things he does, and things he says that really is just what I've always prayed for. So, when I heard the song, I felt like it was written for me and for our relationship, and so I knew I had to record it."

Roberts feels strongly in writing most, but not necessarily all, of her music, so she can relate to the message in each of the songs.

"I totally believe that I have things to say and a message to tell," Roberts explained. "I wanna be as involved as possible in the songs that I'm singing. And so, I always wrote before The Voice and before I started co-writing, but co-writing has opened up a whole new world for me, because I would get so in my head about stuff, and it would take me forever to be satisfied and happy with something.

"I've learned so much just writing with these other writers who have been doing it for so long," she added. "It's been incredible, just the process of writing with other people and working on this EP."

It was Roberts' early talent that even got her on The Voice, after she posted YouTube videos of herself singing, and got the attention of the show's producers.

"The whole situation totally fell in my lap," said Roberts. "The Voice actually found me on YouTube. They invited me to come to a call back audition. I never would have gone to the open call auditions where thousands of people line up for hours just trying to sing 10 seconds of a song to get on the show. I don't think I ever would have gone through that, but they found me on YouTube, invited me to come to a call back audition, and then, one thing led to another."

Purchase Someday Dream on Roberts' website.

Photo Courtesy of Evolution PR/Summer Simmons Photography