'The Voice': Danielle Bradbery Is 'Heartbroken' About Adam Levine Exit

Danielle Bradbery rose to fame as the Season 4 winner of The Voice in 2013, on Blake Shelton's [...]

Danielle Bradbery rose to fame as the Season 4 winner of The Voice in 2013, on Blake Shelton's team. But Bradbery grew close with all four judges, including Adam Levine, whose departure from the reality TV talent show Bradbery is still mourning.

"I am heartbroken, even though I wasn't on his team," Bradbery told PopCulture.com. "But we built a friendship. I know, it's very sad. It's very sad to see him go. He was a big part of that show, but he'll be missed for sure. Gwen [Stefani] will do amazing, obviously. So her and Blake will steal it, for sure."

Bradbery still uses The Voice platform to perform her own music, and is grateful for how well the show continues to receive her, season after season.

"I've been back a couple of times," said the singer. "I try to get back as much as I can. With new music, they're always so welcome with new music, and always welcome me back. It's like a little home over there, so they're awesome."

Bradbery released her sophomore I Don't Believe We've Met album in 2017, which included the single "Goodbye Summer" with Thomas Rhett, and is now back in the studio working on a new record.

"I am working on new music," Bradbery revealed. "I will be in the studio very soon, and so we're getting the ball rolling now."

Rhett not only co-wrote "Goodbye Summer," but he also sang on the track, and continues to support Bradbery and her career.

"He's like a big brother to me," Bradbery said. "He's definitely helped me out when he didn't have to. He is definitely someone I look up to, I know everybody looks up to him. It's so much fun to do songs and music, write, or anything, with him.

Much like I Don't Believe We've Met, the 22-year-old promises her next set of tunes will also illustrate a lot of her influences, instead of just sticking to one genre.

"I grew up listening to so many different types of music, like R&B, pop, country, even a little bit of Latino music, which is crazy," she revealed. "I know my mom's side of the family is a little bit of that, so I've had it all ."

Bradbery also recently released a couple cover versions of songs, including "God Is A Woman" and "Shallow," and hints she might to do more in the future.

"It's really fun to do covers," Bradbery acknowledged. "I think for my fans, doing covers like that is more than normal for them. They're used to it 'cause that's kind of how I started. The Voice, I was singing covers to win over America, and that's how it all went down. And so I'm kind of used to making other people's songs my own, and it's just really fun. I love doing it, and I love all types of music."

Photo Credit: Danielle Bradbery / NBC / Tyler Golden