'The Voice': Brett Young Reveals He Was Rejected From the Show 3 Times

Brett Young has millions of fans already, thanks to six consecutive No. 1 singles, but not everyone was a fan of his early talent. The California native reveals he tried out for The Voice three times, and was rejected every time. But thankfully, his career took off without the reality TV talent show, leaving him with no regrets.

“I auditioned for The Voice three times and never got the call back either time," Young shared with his record label. "And then, right after I moved to Nashville, I got an email saying, you know, ‘We reviewed your tapes, and this season was kind of light, in terms of talent, and you can skip the audition process and move straight to the blinds, to TV. We would love for you to come be a part of the show.’ And so I said yes, and I went and did the psych evaluation and everything in L.A.

"It was like less than a week before I left that I had my first meeting with Big Machine," he added. "And so yeah, I would have done it, absolutely, and would have been so grateful for the opportunity.”

Young's career is certainly going just fine, even without his the show. The 38-year-old is back at radio with "Catch," his seventh single, and the second from his sophomore Ticket to L.A. album. The video for "Catch" recalls a painful, but pivotal, time in Young's life, when he realized his original career goals, to be a professional baseball player, would never come to fruition, due to an injury.

“It was definitely bittersweet, but almost felt full circle too," Young told CMT of the video, which was shot at his alma mater, Ole Miss, where he studied on a baseball scholarship. "It was pretty special to be back there for a music video, the past meeting the present.”

Not all the memories of Ole Miss are painful for Young. He still has, and creates, fond memories in one of his favorite spots in the country.

“My wife and I got engaged in Oxford, Mississippi and our families spent Thanksgiving together last year," Young recalled. "It’s a special place for us and hopefully will be to our baby girl, too. I’m looking forward to taking her to her first baseball game for sure."


Young and his wife, Taylor, are expecting their first child, a girl, this fall. Download "Catch" on iTunes.

Photo Credit: Getty / Ethan Miller