The Highwomen Release Video for 'The Chain' From Upcoming Film, 'The Kitchen'

The Highwomen just released a video of their cover of Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain." The song is being used in the upcoming motion picture, The Kitchen, starring Melissa McCarthy and Elizabeth Moss, out on Friday, Aug. 9.

The Highwomen, made up of Brandi Carlile, Maren Morris, Natalie Hemby and Amanda Shires, also performed "The Chain," along with their current single, "Redesigning Women," on a recent appearance on The Howard Stern Show.

The Highwomen just released their video for "Redesigning Women," featuring appearances by more than a dozen female artists, including Wynonna Judd, Tanya Tucker, Cassadee Pope, Lauren Alaina, RaeLynn and more. Both the song and the video send a clear message about changing the future of country music.

"I love that we have songs on this album about shattering female stereotypes, to a gay country love song, and songs about losing loved ones," Morris told Rolling Stone. "It's all real and it's all country."

It was Shires who had the original idea for The Highwomen, likely never imagining that the group would end up sharing the stage with Dolly Parton and having their music in a feature film before their debut album was even released.

"The concept of The Highwomen was an idea in Amanda's head" Carlile told "She walked up to me in the back of a bar and said, 'I want to start a band with you called The Highwomen.'

"I had the idea for it since after my daughter was born, and I was thinking how can I do something that might make operating in the musical world easier for her," Shires continued. "Dave Cobb said you need to call Brandi, and I waited because I was a scared chicken."

Morris' inclusion in The Highwomen was perhaps the most surprising, only because of the soaring success of her career right now, with the release of GIRL and her nearly sold-out Girl: The World Tour.

"I think a lot of people on my team probably thought I was insane to join a band right in the middle of my own album cycle and tour," Morris told Rolling Stone. "But when Brandi called to ask me if I wanted to be a Highwoman, and that these were going to be the people involved, I couldn't say no. I've also been touting the same message with Girl; it's high time for more female perspectives in the country genre."

The Highwomen's self-titled debut album will be released on Sept. 6.


Photo Credit: Getty / Jason Kempin