Social Media Can't Get Enough of Sugarland's New Year's Eve Reunion

Sugarland duo Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush continued their lead-up to a reunion tour with a performance from Times Square during Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2018. Their fans were excited to see them back together.

Nettles and Bush appeared together at the 2017 CMA Awards, where they teased new music. They delivered on their promise with the new single "Still The Same," released Dec. 22. The duo has also said they plan to tour in 2018, performing new music on stage.

Nettles and Bush haven't released an album together since 2010's The Incredible Machine and have been on hiatus since 2013. Two years before that, a stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair killed seven people.

"We want to finish where we left off. We always knew were going to make music again, so this has been the best of both worlds," Bush said in a statement in December. "We were able to take time to feed our personal passions, and we're excited to come back together to create music as a band again."

Oddly enough, some One Direction fans thought Seacrest was actually talking about the boy band instead of Sugarland when he introduced a group that was reuniting.


Here's how Sugarland's fans reacted to their performance.