See Photo From Scotty McCreery's Tahiti Honeymoon

Scotty McCreery took time out of his romantic honeymoon with his new bride, Gabi Dugal, to post a picture of the two on their getaway. The singer captioned the photo, "Ia orana from Tahiti! 🌴☀️," which means "hello," in the Tahitian language.

(Photo: Instagram/scottymccreery)

The American Idol alum previously stated the couple would honeymoon in the French Polynesian island, revealing the only requirement his new bride had for their honeymoon.

"The one thing she really wanted was an over-water bungalow," says McCreery.

McCreery and Dugal wed on Saturday, June 16, on the mountains in North Carolina, serving several Cajun dishes for their reception, which was decked out in black, white and gold.

I kept it very classic," Dugal tells PEOPLE. "I went with greenery and white flowers, some lanterns and candle votives [for a] rustic feel. We fell in love with the mountains during the summertime [when Scotty proposed], and our [venue] is like a little castle in the woods."

The singer-songwriter released the lyric video for his current single, "This is It," from his latest Seasons Change album, while on his honeymoon. The song, which says, "This is it, this is now, this is what I've been talking about / Looking out, can't you see forever? / Take my hand, just take it in / This is a moment we won't forget / On top of the world, here, together / If there ever was a time for a perfect kiss, this is it," was inspired by his decision to propose to Dugal.

"I've shared so much of my life on my new album, Seasons Change, and so many of the songs were inspired by the love of my life, Gabi," McCreery said at the time. "It feels like the perfect time to release 'This Is It' as my next single while she and I prepare for our wedding that will happen in just a few weeks. This is our story. I hope everyone will celebrate with us!"

The 24-year-old anticipated Dugal would say yes, or he might have had to write another song instead.

"Luckily everything went to plan and she did say yes," McCreery jokes with "if things would have gone awry I probably would have had to write another song."

No word on how long the newlyweds will honeymoon. McCreery's next scheduled show is on July 4 in Utah. Find a list of all of his upcoming shows at


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Photo Credit: Getty images/Rick Diamond