Scotty McCreery Recalls 'Overwhelming' Wedding Day

Scotty McCreery showed his own wedding to Gabi Dugal in the video for his current single, "This is It." The singer says the entire day was emotional for him, in the best way possible.

"It was a lot," McCreery tells "I really was fine the whole day. I held it together and then we did a first look, and I could almost feel her presence coming behind me. When I did, I just started crying. All her bridesmaids were upstairs at the estate. They were looking all going, 'Ooh!' It was a lot. It was very overwhelming but a very big, great moment I guess you could say."

McCreery can be seen fighting tears in the video as Gabi walks down the aisle – a part of the day he wasn't initially sure he wanted to share with the world.

"Jeff, my [video] director, he captured it perfectly, and he was very in the background during the day," McCreery says. "We didn't see him filming, but he was always getting the shots, and I told him after, I was like, 'Man, I hope you didn't get me crying.' He said, 'Oh don't worry I got like 50 angles of it.' So, how perfect. I just feel like, that's our day. If you look in the music video, that's our wedding day. Captured every emotion, all the laughs, all the tears. It was perfect."

Dugal is a nurse so the couple is, at least for now, mostly living in his home state of North Carolina, although the American Idol alum keeps a home in Music City as well.

"I'm still in North Carolina and Nashville. I've still got my place here, and we bought a place in North Carolina that we're kind of moving into right now," McCreery says. "We pretty much have it all settled in. I haven't gotten my studio yet. It's currently our junk room that we can close the door and hide and pretend it's not there, but we need to clean that out. And then when we do I'll make a studio room. Other than that we're pretty much, we're in there."

"This is It" is the second single from McCreery's latest Seasons Change album. The song follows "Five More Minutes," which also became McCreery's first No. 1 hit.

"It started with 'Five More Minutes' kind of leading the way," says McCreery. "Took a different path to get to this record than I would've probably envisioned. Although, I think it was a blessing in disguise, so, it's all worked out and tremendously changed my life. Obviously, the No. 1 single on there, writing the song like this is it, because we'd married, my life was changed from here, this song now changed my life even more.

"It's a lot of change going on," he continues. "Seasons Change I guess it the adequate title of everything. It's been a lot going on last couple years."

McCreery will embark on his own Seasons Change Tour this fall. Find upcoming dates, and purchase Seasons Change, at


Photo Credit: YouTube