Ryan Hurd on Having a Baby With Maren Morris: 'We're Gonna Have a Life'

In only a few short weeks, Ryan Hurd and his wife, Maren Morris, will become first-time parents when they welcome their son into the world. The busy singer-songwriters are more than ready to tackle their new role, and already believe they will find a way to balance all of their roles, even before their baby arrives.

"Maren and I are very busy people, but it feels like we've got some semblance of control over our lives right now," Hurd told CMT. "When you're first starting out in country music, you're at the mercy of the calendar and you have no control over where you're supposed to be. People fill up your day with work. That's just what it takes at the beginning. But now we both have it reined in, in a really special way. We don't feel like we are missing out and we don't feel like we have to say yes to everything.

"It's a really healthy way to bring a kid into this whole circus," he continued. "We're still gonna do our jobs and write songs and play shows, but we're gonna have a life. I feel like we're both really ready."

Morris has already said she plans on bringing her child on the road with her, which is what she believes is best for their family.

"It's a real life! They don't know any different," Morris told Taste of Country. "I think that's why, at this point in my career, it felt really possible ... I can do this without feeling like the new kid on the block."

"I think it'll be cool to have this baby grow up on the road and that be a normal thing," she added. "I've heard they never sleep better because a bus is natural rocking and white noise."

Hurd hopes to be the kind of father he had, which he acknowledges gave him some pretty big shoes to fill.

"He was always just so present," the "To a T" singer boasted. "My mom and dad both live [in Nashville] now, and even though you say that you're going to do things differently when you have kids of your own, my parents have always been really present and supportive. That's how I want to be. I just would love to be as present as my dad has always been for my own child.


"They drove me down here to go to college, thinking I was gonna work in country music," he continued. "But then I got a sociology degree. It's not what they expected, but they were still supportive. And here I am circling all the way back to doing what I always wanted to do for work and for a vocation."

Photo credit: Getty / Taylor Hill