Russell Dickerson's 8-Month-Old Son Remington Is 'Crushing the Road Life'

Russell Dickerson and wife Kailey welcomed their first child, son Remington, in September, which means the 8-month-old waited a bit longer to head out on the road with his dad than his parents had anticipated due to the pandemic. With restrictions slowly lifting, Remington officially completed his first bus trip over the weekend, traveling with his parents to Texas, where Dickerson was able to play live shows for the first time since the pandemic began.

Speaking to PEOPLE, the "Love You Like I Used To" singer shared that his son has been "crushing the road life." "He's got his own little bunk that's got a little zipper on it to keep him in there," he said. "He's loving it. He's so attentive and he's so aware, and I feel like he's already really social. Anybody can pick him up and hold him and he's smiling." "He loves to hear my music," he added. "It's crazy — he just knows my voice. In the live situation, it's been calming and soothing for him."

Dickerson and Kailey haven't had to adjust to parenting on the road alone, as several of their good friends, including Thomas Rhett and the members of Lady A, also have kids. "We're like, 'Please help! Give us any and all tips,'" Dickerson said. "And we've been watching for a few years, now. It's been on our radar to have babies. We watch Thomas Rhett, and how they do it. And when we were on tour with Lady A, we watched how they do it. They bring help, they had a nanny on the road. But they also had three kids on the road. We just have one, but we definitely scoped any and every situation on the road. All the tips and tricks, everything."

As for whether Remington will one day follow his dad's musical path, Dickerson shared that he's planning to make sure his son has the opportunity if an interest is there. "He's going to be in all the music classes," he said. "He's going to have piano lessons. If music isn't his thing, then that's a hundred percent fine. But I'm definitely going to lay out the path. I'm going to put as much music in his path that I can and just see where his passion leads him."

The 33-year-old and his wife have already started encouraging their son's musical pursuits, gifting him a set of baby instruments for Christmas. "He's a drummer," Dickerson said with a laugh. "He bangs on everything. You just hold him, and he's got these little drums, and he just plays for forever and ever."